NOTD: American Apparel in Manila

When I saw the name of this shade, I was like,"wow", I want that! The name of my city on a US brand of polish! Even if I'm not sure if it really pertains to "our Manila". Never mind too, that yellow isn't one of my favorite colors. I must get that. And I did. 

Application is a bit streaky but manageable. I also love how vibrant the color is. I used Nail Tech foundation as a based and China Glaze Fast Freeze as topcoat.

Decided to use this today in time for the inauguration of the newly elected President of the Philippines, Benigno Simeon "Noynoy" Cojuangco Aquino III.

Wasn't able to watch the inauguration program as I have work today while the rest of the Filipinos are on a holiday to witness this historical event. I just thought of celebrating it with the Filipino nation, by wearing P-Noy's (and his mother's) color. 

Looking forward to a better future, hope he delivers, if not all, at least most of his promises during the campaign period. 

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Happy Birthday P!

what's inside?

2 polo shirts actually, but I'm too lazy to return them as is, hehe. the other one is a striped blue shirt.

[sarcasm on] I wrote him a long and sweet note! [/sarcasm off]

I'm just too glad you're birthday falls on a payday. =)

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A bit dissapointed with the soon-to-open Forever21

I just got confirmation last Saturday that our local Forever 21 doesn't have the Faith21 line (their plus size section). I asked via twitter and when I saw their reply, my heart sank. With a store that big, I was hoping they'll be complete, well, they are, ALMOST!

Out of frustration, I just decided to buy from their US website. Got the following. 

Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention coz I ended up buying 2pcs of that open cardigan in purple, arghh! I just found out when I got the order confirmation receipt. Must have clicked it twice! 

Read F21's FAQ and saw this:

Here's me hoping Faith21 will be here before Christmas, pleaseeee!!!! 

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Mini nail polish haul (again?!)

Yes, I'm hopeless hehe. A friend asked me to find her a matte top coat. I did, and offered to buy it for her and I ended up buying these (click pic to enlarge and see the label properly) for me! Note to self, feign ignorance when asked where to get a polish or something. LOL!

Opened the box (while at the office), got excited to try the Matte Magic.

Still with "Who the Shrek are You" in my nails, I used China Glaze Matte Magic on top.

And when I got home, I tried CND Effects in Jade Sparrkle. I layered it on my nails (2 coats of OPI, 2 coats of Seche, then China Glaze matte magic, and then CND Effects! Imagine that! Excuse the dry hands!

Wore this polish from Thursday night to Sunday evening. No chipping, just minimal tip wear considering I'm done doing the laundry and a few dishwashing chores!

Got these babies last Thursday. Come Friday, I ended up buying another two polishes. Again, note to self, do not go to Watson's when you're stressed!

And oh, I went somewhere in QC last Wednesday and grabbed two books, simply because I'm impatient to wait for them to be available at our book club and the price is cheap for brand new books at P160 each, beat that! Afaik, brand new pocketbooks retail at around P300 each. At St. Francis Square (near Megamall), a 2nd hand book costs somewhere around P180 (a lot of creases at the sides already) and P200 and up for books in mint condition.

I'm originally a Judith McNaught fan and I love all her books before she ventured into romance/mystery novels. She doesn't write much, which made me read her books more than 10x!!! My favorite, Paradise and Whitney My Love, I read around 15 or 20 times I think... One day, I decided to try other authors (i.e., Johanna Lindsey, love her books too) and when I chanced upon one of Julia Quinn's books (a part of the Bridgerton series) I got hooked and she's one of my favorite writers now!

there's more! although I'm done reading those authored by Johanna Lindsey and Lisa Kleypas. 

me and my polishes, 

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A Sneak peek at Forever21

Was bloghopping this afternoon and thrilled to see that some bloggers posted sneak peek photos of the much buzzed about Forever21 franchise here!

I asked Jenni Eperson's permission to repost the pics here and she said yes, so nice of her! You should check her blog too!

So chic! Unfortunately, I'm on the heavier side so I'm not excited with the clothes, accessories will do hehe.

Love the chandelier!!!


Read from F21's tweets that basic shirts start at P185 and up and dresses for as low as P585, nothing over P2,000. How cool is that!

Stats from (told you I'm blog hopping haha)
- 2,700 sqm
- 34 fitting rooms
- 60 sales assistants
- 17 cashiers
- 91 total staff, including management

I'm a bit dissapointed though, since they don't have the Faith21 line yet (for sexxxy girls like me haha), I asked them via twitter and they confirmed they don't have it yet. Please bring it soon!!!

Quoting from

"Besides the basics, the Megamall flagship will carry the Forever21 sub brands called Heritage, which has the vintage/indie/collegiate theme; a higher-end line called Twelve by Twelve or a Gossip Girl-ish line designed by Forever21's twelve house designers. Love21, a classic, contemporary line for the working woman and 21Men, for the unforgotten shopper"

Heard they'll be bringing the kids line (Htg81) next.

For updates, add up Forever21 Phils at facebook and forever21ph on twitter. See you at the opening on July 2! A P200 voucher will be given to the first 250 peeps to line up at the entrance.

NOTD: OPI Who the Shrek are You?

Extremely busy lately so this will be a quick post, just to let you know I'm still alive!

From OPI's Shrek Collection, this is my favorite shade name! I'm not sure about the shade on me though! You know, my choice of polish shades lately gets weirder and weirder! Haha! Been wearing this for 2 days now! 

It's not that neon in person, but it "asks" for attention. Good thing my officemates are kinda used to my colorful nails! LOL! 

Happy weekend everyone!!!! 

NOTD: China Glaze for Audrey

Yes, I'm too late for this polish but as always, better late than never. This is from my crazy haul last week and this is the first polish I tried from the bunch.

For Audrey is a limited edition polish created by China Glaze to honor the timeless fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn. Who doesn't know her right? Her portrayal as Holly Golightly in the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's, is considered to be her most memorable and identifiable role. I've watched the movie years ago, and for the life of me, I can't fully remember the plot. All I can remember is there's a Tiffany store in that movie. Hence this shade although it's not a dead on dupe of the famous Tiffany boxes (and paperbags!). 

with flash

without flash

I love it!!! Even if I already have a few polishes leaning towards this color. 

Can't get hold of this polish? Try Elianto #27 Turquiose as replacement althought it's a bit greener than For Audrey. Or check out The Face Shop Mint, I don't have it yet but based on the pics I saw, it's less blue/teal than this one. Want to splurge and take your love for this shade on to the next level? Get Chanel Nouvelle Vague!!! It's a lovely polish too, same shade as China Glaze For Audrey but with subtle shimmers in it. 

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Review: Posh Nails (Megamall)

When I'm stressed or feeling restless, or don't have anywhere to go, I always have this urge to go to a nail spa. Last month, my computer at the office was scheduled by the IT department for hard disk backup since it will be replaced by a new one. When I asked how long it will take, I was told that it'll be 2 to 3 hours. What am I going to do without a PC? I do have some docs that need to be sorted and filed, but I can do it in half an hour.

I thought of trying the new nail salon I saw at Megamall so I filed for a 2-hour leave (yes, that's allowed in our company but maximum of 8 hours a year only) instead  and off I went to Megamall. I bought some polishes from Orly first before visiting the nail salon.

When I first saw the nail salon, it reminded me of Elle Woods from the movie Legally Blonde. It's just so her, the color and design!

I checked out their service menu and went for Posh Grooming for hand and feet. I also asked the receptionist what are the brands of their polishes. She replied (proudly), "a  lot, all are imported brands ma'm!" Okay then! On my way inside, I noticed some OPI polishes near the receptionist, the suede ones, nice!

As soon as I sat down, I asked for some magazines since I already read the ones besides me (I have my personal copies). The magazines are pretty worn down even if they're current issues. They offer drinks free of charge - iced tea, coffee, or juice. No one offered it to me though, until after another attendant offer one to the client who sat next to me, maybe she realized their mistake by not offering me the moment I was sitted on my sofa, good thing I'm a water person so I don't mind.. But still, there's the feeling that I'm a li'l less special than their other clients.

When I was asked what polish to use, there's this white mini-cart brought to me so I can choose. I'm quite familiar with the bottles of polishes that when I saw that most of the polishes on the 2nd tier of the cart are all Orly (upper ones consist of The Face Shop, Elianto and some unknown-to-me brands), I asked if they have Essie's, I was thinking maybe they have too much polishes it won't fit that first minicart. The attendant excuse herself and told me she's not familiar with the brand so she'll ask someone. I was like "huh", ok, maybe she's new, but even so, I asked for a certain brand not a shade, is it too much to ask that they at least know the brands they use in the salon? Anyway, when she came back, she told me they only have one Essie and presented it to me. Wasn't able to see the shade but it's a bit whitish, the type you use for French manicure. I asked if there's more, the nail tech told me that's all they have.

Huh? What happened to the "A-lot-all-imported-ones" reply to me? I was waiting for the nail tech to offer me the OPI suedes but she didn't. So I decided to just use the Orly polish I bought before going there and chose a darker one for my toes (from their selection).

From their website, Posh Grooming includes 5-min massage (both for manicure and pedicure). I dozed off (haha) while the nail tech was doing my right hand. I woke up when she's about to transfer on my left side. And guess what, she did massage my hand, but not for 5 minutes. She massaged it for 20seconds!!!! What the!!? Even if the 5min-massage is to be allocated per hand, making it 2.5 minutes each, that's supposed to be 150 seconds, NOT 20. How did I know? I counted, dunno why I thought of . Hay, too dissapointed!!! One of the reason I go to nail salons for a manicure is for the massage that comes with the regular package. If it was just a manicure or polish change, I can do it myself right?

Oh well.

What to like from Posh Nails?
- the color scheme, same with my blog's theme - pink and purple, that is if you're into these colors
- they offer nail art.
- they have one of the lowest prices in the market, Posh Grooming is less than P400 I think, sorry, I meant to post this review right after my experience with them but  I got busy hence the late post and I lost the flyer I got from them. Will try to update this post later If I get hold of their prices.
- they don't charge additional if you want to use one of their branded polish (in my case Orly)

What I don't like
- location!!! they're located in front of Megatrade Hall, didn't they know that everytime there's an event at the Megatrade Hall, it's soooo noisy! Yeah, I dozed off but that's because I lack some sleep. I was there for almost two hours and I wasn't relax because of the full blast sound system outside.
- the sofa, it's not as comfy as I want.
- the local celebrity portraits all over the place, it makes the place a li'l bit tacky.
- the topcoat they use, Elianto.
- they use quick dry drops which tends to be messy afterwards. I hope they have this UV Ray polish dryer or the spray one from China glaze. Or they could use Seche Vit or Poshe Quick Drying topcoats.

Will I go back? NO.  Dissapointed with the kind of service that I got from this branch.

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Lessons I learned from the man....

To the man who taught me...
    that life is all about the choices you made
    that there's no such thing as "no choice"
    that no one else can ever make your choices for you
    that my choices are mine alone.

To the man who always believe in me.
                  who told me on my first grade that my assignments are mine and not his (haha)
                  that he's there to guide and help me not do it on my behalf.

To the the man that I used not to like because he's so strict!
To be surprised later on about how he became the coolest dad I know.
To the man who never paid me for all the white hairs I plucked  (that's 25cents each!)
To the man I always dreamed of dancing with (Butterfly Kisses anyone?)
To the man who loves my Mother so much, I love you too!

You taught me everything I know in life now. 
May you continue to inspire me as long as I live. 
Happy Father's day Tatay! 

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Excited for Forever21

For those still in doubt, the picture says it all!

It's located at Megamall Building A, 2nd level, near Watson's, GAP and Promod. they'll occupy the former location of Cinderella.

This is good news for us but bad news for Multiply sellers who do pre-orders from Forever21's website, unless SM jacks up the prices, let's hope not. For sellers, you can always try Charlotte Russe, TJ Maxx, etc. =)

On the other hand, the fake Forever21 is now named HipCulture, as if anyone cares! Haha.

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Polish shopping anyone?!

Major haul!

Shoot me! Haha! 

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Contest + NYX

Check out the latest giveaway at Painted Lady Fingers. Win the items in the photo above by entering the contest HERE. Contest is open internationally, last day of joining on the 1st of July 2010. 

For Philippine readers, this may be your chance to try out Nubar polishes since they're not locally available

and btw, Batch 8 of NYX Cosmetics is now available at my online store here. More items to upload tonight as another box arrived just now. Will be selling some nail polishes too!

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