Update + NOTD: Orly Space Cadet

How's your weekend? Mine's pretty jam packed! As announced last week, I joined the Karl Edwards Bazaar. Would you believe I decided to join just last Wednesday? Talk about being prepared huh! Anyway, everything went well, thanks to those who helped me - P, even though he gave me so much stress (shhh don't tell haha), my brother, Jheng and Ton, for the transpo, Sophie for tips and encouraging me to join bazaars, Jean&Rosz, to everyone who dropped by - sorry I'm a bit slow with names, holler if I forgot to mention you - rachel, joycie, kate, vj, emcy (jen, you should've come too!) mara, liz, phoebe, waaah there's more I know! So sorry, my mind is a li'l bit fuzzy till now! Tita Glo was there too, Glo as in former President Gloria Arroyo's impersonator haha. 

Some pics:

And for my NOTD, I'm wearing Orly Space Cadet today (since yesterday actually). This is truly an amazing polish. Love how it changes its color depending on lighting condition. A bit sheer, so I used 3 coats. My fingers are a bit dry in the pics as I forgot to put on Lush Lemony Flutter before hitting the bed last night, errr afternoon. I fell asleep at around 5:00 pm yesterday after work and woke up 7:00 am today! That's 14 hours of sleep, woohoo! Talk about body recharging hehe. 

Anyway, for the pics, I will post a lottttttt. I just can't get enough of Space Cadet!

My First Bazaar!

Sorry for the lack of post/updates. Just really busy with work and some stuff.

Like this:

Yes, this is my first bazaar ever! I've been selling to Multiply for about a year now (which reminds me I should celebrate with another giveaway huh!) but I'm always chickening (is there such a word? haha) out! Afraid of the booth rental cost, not enough stocks and what nots! 

Yesterday, I was chatting with some of my online friends then out of nowhere, I said, I want to join a bazaar! Haha! Crazy right?! I don't even have any bazaar materials! Oh well, there's always a first time! 

Bazaar details here and here. Will be needing all the luck and support, hope you can drop by at our stall! I will be with Jean and Rosz (for trendy accessories), plus Beauty and Minerals (mineral makeups, etc) will be on the same bazaar too! Meanwhile, Amber Lights Laguna (soya scented candles which I love, do get Country Meadows and Baby Powder scents) will be at the Zonta Bazaar on Sunday! 

Any seasoned bazaarista(s) reading this? Need tips, like what to bring, what else do I need, etc! Told you, I'm a newbie at this! Haha! Wish me luck! 

Hoping to see you there! 

Just another shameless plug!

Hi girls! Just want to announce that I will be in Trinoma on Sunday. 

I'll have with me the complete shades of NYX round lipsticks and round lipgloss. That's 144 shades of lipstick and 36 shades of round lipgloss, all available for swatching so you can test the shades first before ordering them. =)

Details of this week's meetup below: 

Trinoma Meetup
17 October 2010
2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
@ The White Hat Italian Yoghurt
(or Chewy Junior if The White Hat is full)
2nd Level, TriNoma Mall
Above Jollibee and Mcdo, near Yellowcab, in front of Crocs.

Some pics for reference:

Please fill out the form below. 
Carefully input your number/email below so I can confirm with you
the meetup the day before.

as always, 50% downpayment will be required for orders.
Order Forms will be distributed during the meetup.

Schedule of meetup for Glorietta and Robinson's Galleria will be next week, details to follow! 

New lemming alert: NARS Nail Polish in Pokerface

Thought I'm done with purple polish..... 

and then I saw this:


Swatches can be found here and here

There's actually two nail polishes, both inspired by Lady Gaga. I'm thinking Bad Influence should be Bad Romance, but Lippmann got the name first, right? Why not choose another song. I don't think a taupe shade should be named as such. Haha. Anyway, I'm not really excited about Bad Influence. I'm just really not into taupe shades =)

There will be a new blush too, named Sex Appeal. Naughty naughty NARS!

There's Amour, now Sex Appeal, then Deep Throat, an Orgasm and then Super Orgasm. Tsk tsk! LOL

Sale Alert: 50% off on Rescue Beauty Lounge

Ji Baek, owner of Rescue Beauty Lounge, posted this on Facebook about an hour ago:

 Mark your calendar! Our annaual five hours
50% off sale-- Novemeber 1st EST 11Am-4PM

Yes, including the typo on the word annual hehe. 

Please make sure you sign up in their email list so you can get the code. 

Take note though that shades from their recent collection, "Housewives of Tudor England", are not included in the sale, plus no free shipping. And it might take 10 to 15 days before your order can be shipped. Afaik, Ji Baek personally pack and ship all orders from their website. That's the case when we bought our RBL, been emailing with her for the shipping arrangement.  

I'm tempted, really. As I have this dream of completing my RBL collection, but.... but.... but.... I'm not sure if I can allot a budget for this haha.

"I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad
Buy all of the things I never had"

I don't want to be on the cover of Forbes magazine though, I just wish I can buy all the shades I want from RBL. Haha!

So far, I only have 5 RBLs. Swatches below, it's a bit gloomy today, waited from 6:30 to 7:30am for the sun to show up, nada! 

thumb to pinkie: 360, diddy mow, stormy, no more war, bruised

sorry, my fault that 360 looks a bit darker here. see swatch below

Swatches: Essie Resort Collection

Bad Fairy still looks good as new so I didn't change my manicure last night. For today, I'll just post these summer-y colors, very apt in our country as per Rachel Berry's dialogue "where it's sunny everyday!" (well, except for the monsoons says Sunshine Corazon). Arghh, sorry, I've yet to watch the recent Glee episode! 

"The Resort Collection was created to mimic the sights and sounds of the world's most exotic destinations. The four colors are must have accessories for any tropical vacation and the only escape for your hands and feet that doesn't require a passport!" 

Hmm, Essie forgot to mention, ticket cost! =)

Anyway, I don't have much Essie polishes coz I used to find their color selection a bit boring (soft pinks, nudes, etc!). Until this collection. When I saw the swatches online, I know it's a must have! 

Won't be describing the colors much, just check out the swatches okay? 

Can you guess which is my favorite? Errr, I have two. Can't decide which one I love more. I'm allowed to pick 2 favorites right? Most probably, you already know which are my favorites =) What's yours?


NOTD: MAC Bad Fairy

Back to regular programming! Wearing one of my recently acquired nail polishes, thanks to an angel I can't name haha. Was too worried not to have this polishes coz I received a call from Carlos of MAC Shangrila last week informing me that they can no longer accomodate all the reservations they got for the upcoming Venomous Villain collection. This is due to the limited stocks they got, and as such, it will be on a first come first serve basis. VV launch at MAC Shangrila is on the 17th, (be there as soon as the store opens, around 10am if I'm right), Glorietta on the 16th (they still accept reservations there, but they only have 3 Bite of an Apple blush, all reserved), 23rd at Rockwell (no reservation), 24th at Mall of Asia (no reservation) and no definite date yet for MAC Duty Free (3rd week of October). 

Anyway, I used Bad Fairy first as nail bloggers deemed it as a unique shade, no dupe whatsoever!

So nice noh! It looks like fire-y orange red, if there's even a color description like that! LOL.
Depending on the sunlight, the color changes to copper, orange, sometimes gold. On indoor lights, it's fuchsia and a bit purplish but with orange sparkles! Oh boy, this one's a complicated nail polish to describe, especially for someone like me who's never good enough with words! 

Anyway, I always have a good experience with MAC polishes, and this one didn't dissapoint. I didn't have any problem with Bad Fairy formula-wise, it's pretty sheer, but it's ok. 3 coats and it's fine! 

As for Bad Fairy's brush, it sucks! Ooops excuse me for the word. But it is! Not true for the rest of my MAC polishes though, but I still have to check the two other two I got - Formidable and Mean & Green

More pics!

More swatches! Promise! =)


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