A little bit of porn...

Polish porn hehe.

Recent addition to my collection, some are gifts from friends, some I bought myself during the last few weeks or months. Yup, I'm still as insane =)

Will post NOTD next!

Tony Moly TR11 in Indian Blue

I am posting yet another old NOTD! Can't have new ones coz I broke my nails (yes, with an s!) last Sunday night during bazaar egress! Bummer!

Here's Tony Moly TR11 or Indian Blue. The shade name is not printed anywhere in the bottle, I just saw the name in my receipt. This is one of the 3 bottles I picked up during the 1st week of Tony Moly's opening at SM Megamall. Honestly, there's not much to choose from at that time but I know from first glance this one is a must have for me! Maybe because it reminds me of MAC's Blue India (they're name are almost the same!), only bluer and has slightly less gray on it.

Love how it makes my nails look clean and polished.

Just perfect!

Do you have this polish? Do you love it as I do? If you love blue or gray polishes, this one's a must have for you! Available at Tony Moly branches for less than a 100-peso per bottle.

Visit their facebook page for info about their branches - https://www.facebook.com/Tonymolyphilippines

I heart Fino!

Last month, I was on the lookout for a nice checkbook holder. I've tried looking online but I don't really like what I've seen so far. Most are synthetic leathers, and they look cheap. I want something simple and classy.  I turned to twitter and asked where to get a nice checkbook holder and my ever dependable twitter friends replied immediately and most of them said "Try Fino or Authors".

I checked Authors online page and still, I didn't find anything I like. That left me with Fino. Unfortunately, they don't have a branch in Megamall. I searched and saw that their Shangri-la branch is the nearest one to me, sad since I don't frequent that mall anymore as I used to.

Then one day, we decided to have lunch at The Podium, and I almost squealed with delight when I saw there's Fino at the 3rd Level, and they are on SALE!!! Needless to say, I dragged my lunch buddies to check the store!

Most of the items are on sale, from 10 to 50% off. I ended up getting 3 items and I love them all! (I got 2 items on our first visit then I had to go back the following day to buy something as a gift but ended up buying an item for me again!)

Here they are!

It should be cardholder only LOL! 

The checkbook holder is a little over 1,000 pesos, net of 50% discount. It's a bit expensive but I really like it - simple and classy. I wish it comes in black though (it's a dark moss green, just in case you can't tell yet, my camera failed to take the accurate shade!) Too bad this is their last stock from their sale items.

I need to clean my camera lens LOL! 

It has a pen holder inside and can hold 2 checkbooks!

Unfortunately, my old checkbook won't fit!

Quite a bit of an upgrade from my bank-issued check holder haha.

Next! The awesome cardholder. I hesitated getting this though since I'm not really a fan of these croc-finish-thingie. I don't hate it, but I don't like it either. I don't know what prompted me to get this (maybe the price? haha) but I'm glad I did! This is on sale too at Php247.50 each.

It's a swivel type holder with one screw to hold all the cards together. Pretty cool huh!

When I bought it, I didn't know that my friend has one already. I just found out when we got back to the office. I'm amazed at how durable the product is, I have to borrow hers and take a comparison pic!

mine's on the left, hers to the right

Would you believe if I tell you she has that holder for 5 years already? Amazing right!?

Here's the cardholder inside my wallet:

And here's a matching coin purse I got (same price with the cardholder), at first I thought I can place some calling cards inside but it won't fit =(

I wish Fino goes on sale again before Christmas as these items make a great gift! The store provides a nice gift box, card and paper bag for every purchase, just let them know you are buying it as a gift.

Here's a sample (I asked for a box and paper bag for the coin purse above LOL):

Fino Leatherware Branches that I know are at The Podium Mall (Ortigas), Shangri-la, Glorietta, Trinoma and Powerplant Mall. I highly recommend their stuff, afaik, this brand is proudly Filipino (correct me if I'm wrong though!). I regret not getting that hot pink cardholder, maybe next time!

Online shopping keeps me sane

I've been on sick leave since July 22, and most of my days since then are spent inside the CR, sleeping or browsing online or watching TV series. I'm almost out of my wits staying at home for almost 2 weeks with nothing to do!

Last weekend, I've been checking the Nordstrom online sale since Friday and I have my eyes fixed on a 2-tone Michael Kors watch, marked down from $225 to $149.90.

I like 2-toned watches or any piece of jewelry because I find them easier to use. This watch will be nice to pair with my silver 60-inch chain necklace (not from thecurrentcustom.com/Lisa Taubes, I found a cheaper version!):

Can't get a nice picture sorry!
I like this necklace so much I'm thinking of getting the rose gold chain! It will match with the watch above too! What do you think?

seller's stock photo

I'm not really into watches, I only have one which I bought in impulse during a one-day sale at our cooperative store, a black Rudy Project watch with gold details. 

I don't feel like using this watch whenever I wear the necklace above or if I'm wearing my white gold sideways cross necklace:

partly covered, oops!

Not to mention I have a silver chain for my company ID as seen in the photo above. So yeah, I know the Michael Kors watch is a good buy but because of the price I can't make myself to click the checkout button. Fortunately for me, P, saw me looking at this watch, THRICE -  Friday, Saturday and Sunday. By Sunday he knows I'm not going to pay for that watch even if I want to, so he offered to buy it for me! Of course I had to turn pakipot and say, don't bother but deep inside, I was glad he said that! 

Knowing I don't have to pay for the watch anymore, I kept on browsing, just because I want to maximize the shipping cost! (Like a true-blue shopaholic who doesn't run out of excuses to shop more LOL). 

I saw this bottle under NARS and I know I need this one, you know how my knees turn to jelly whenever I see purple nail polishes (and blue. and green):

This is Koh Lanta, a Nordstrom exclusive polish from NARS. Unfortunately, they don't have this anymore. What was left on the website is the Matto Groso, another Nordstrom exclusive, which I don't like.

I stopped browsing Nordstrom for a while and blog hopped and saw Karlasugar's swatch of Dior Blue Denim. Turned out it's another Nordstrom exclusive nail polish and it's a no brainer, I know I have to get it! 

retails for $21

Then I remembered I don't have Chanel Peridot yet so I got one too. After all Mel was raving about it on twitter and she told me it's a must have.

retails for $25

At this point, I'm ready to checkout. I have my watch on the cart and 2 nail polishes, my running total is already $195.90.

But Nordstrom has other plan for me. The message beside my total says, you are now $4.10 away from free shipping. And shipping cost for the 3 items is $8 (I am shipping to a US address by the way).


So yeah, I added one more item to my cart just so I can meet the minimum required amount to enjoy free shipping. Doesn't matter if the additional item costs more than 5 times the amount I needed to add! 

Dior Tuxedo

Well, if you think about it, I got this polish FOR LESS. This retails for $22 (why is it $1 more expensive than the exclusive shade?), less the $8 I saved for shipping, bringing the net amount to $14 only! See!!!! Commendable shopping skills!

Ha ha ha!

At this point, I was already not feeling well and was too weak and lazy to stand up and get my wallet for my credit card details. Fell asleep and woke up late the following day, Monday! 

And the Nordstrom sale is up to Sunday only! All that thinking and self debating, for nothing. Until I remembered we're hours ahead of them! We're running late for our doctor's appointment at that time but I told P I'm still waiting for my tummy to settle before we leave, so I went inside the bedroom, turned on my laptop and went online and said I'm just double checking the doctor's schedule, well, I didn't have to say I have another tab opened for Nordstrom checkout page right? LOL. 

So yeah, now I can't wait for my items to arrived! 


This post made me realized I have a wicked sense of prioritizing things to buy. It doesn't take me days to decide to buy a polish, it only takes a good swatch online, a twitter rave, and a free shipping reminder. Despite the fact that I already have hundreds of bottles of polishes, more than half of them still unused. Whereas I only have one watch. And to be honest with myself, I kinda regret buying it coz it's really not something I like, I just bought it coz it was 40% off at that time, costs me less than Php2,500. Madness! When will this end?!


If you're following me on Twitter, you probably know I got confined last Monday night, my doctor just want to make sure my tummy problem is not colon related so she scheduled me for colonoscopy. The procedure was done in 15 to 20 minutes (I was sedated) but I have to be prepared for the procedure for almost 2 days - fasting, blood tests, enema and laxatives (as if the laxative I took are not enough!), yeah TMI sorry! I got discharged from the hospital last night, nothing's wrong except for my diet and sedentary lifestyle. LOL. I was advised to rest till next week but if I feel I'm strong enough by tomorrow, I might go back to work.  But today, I'm just gonna rest. That enema sucked the life out of me! 

NOTD: Essie Tart Deco

This is an old NOTD, maybe a month ago? So old I can't even remember. Which reminds me, I need to visit my fave nail spa again. 

Let me just say, this is a pain in the *toot* to photograph (can't say anything about application since I had it applied by a nail tech). But since the photos are a bit old, I can't remember which of the following are close to the actual color. Yeah I know, this is a senseless post haha. But then, I don't have the heart to delete or scrap any of these since they look nice. And some of you might want to see how does it look in an Asian skin.

The first 3 pictures are taken at the spa coz I want to borrow the bottle when I took pictures. 1st and 3rd, no flash. 

And then when I got home, it's as if I changed my manicure while walking from the mall to my place (and it's just a 10-15 minute walk). Look! It's more neon, more orange-y!

Crazy right?! Then I tried using orange as a background. The accent tiles at out bathroom.

And it goes back to being peach. Like magic. But it looks dull. Maybe because of the lighting.

If I can remember it right, this last picture is the closest I can get to the actual color. 

Do you like this shade? Personally, peach is not really my thing. I just got curious with since I always see this on youtube and other blogs being part of their top summer nail polishes. Good thing I didn't have to pay extra or buy my own bottle just to try this.

You can buy Essie at Rustans at Php425 each. Although if I got my info correct, Rustan's will no longer carry OPI and Essie in the future. =(

Yellow Me by Tony Moly and my blog url

Hello everyone! I seriously miss all of you here. Sorry if it seemed I abandoned this blog, I did not. I still swatch nail polishes here and there but just can't find time to post them. Laziness and lack of time.

Before I forget, please note that my domain www.digitaltraincase.com is now pointed to my multiply shop, which I think is just right. I waited for almost a year to do that since I'm afraid to mess up my settings, at least if I botch it up, I won't loose any money since my domain ownership is almost up!

So there, my new blog url is www.mybeautybabbles.com, fitting right? Since it's what I am really doing here, just babbling about my beauty purchases/discoveries. Will change header maybe end of this week. 

On to the swatches:

Tony Moly RM05 (Yellow Me): I will not even attempt to describe the color since I suck in that department, I'll swatch, post pics, and comment, ok?  ^_^

I tried comparing RM05 with my other yellow nail polishes just for kicks.

Out of the four yellows above, my favorite is the American Apparel in Manila, the only yellow I know who's not a bitch to apply. Full NOTD here. Orly Lemonade is too pale for my color, while Zoya Pippa is a bit too bright, Tony Moly RM05 is something in between.

Can't wait to try and use these yellows with my OPI Black Shatter, too bad I don't have my bottle yet when I did the swatches above.

One last look for Tony Moly RM05:

Sorry for the messy application, I tried my best, seriously! Although I know I need to start using my nail polish corrector but since I'm gonna remove them immediately, I didn't bother.

Why is it so hard to apply yellow nail polishes? Read from another blog a trick in applying yellow nail polishes though, it says, apply a base coat, then put on a Seche Vite Top Coat and then start painting your nails with the yellow polish. Sounds weird, but something I want to give a try if ever I can get my hands on Chanel Mimosa!

Check Tony Moly Facebook page for their branches. Got this bottle for 99pesos only!

MAC Surf Baby Collection - Nail Polish

is here!

Went to MAC Shangrila the other day to pick up MAC Ocean Dip which I've reserved weeks ago. The testers are not yet on display last Tuesday (Quite Cute is still there), but they are on the table near the mirror.

Camphone pic! 

As expected, I played with the testers. Correct me if I'm wrong please but I didn't see any blush. Just bronzers and powders which when I tried looked muddy and dirty on my face. Too bad coz I really like the packaging!

While waiting for Aira (Carlos wasn't there yet, I was told he spent the long weekend in Camiguin, buti pa sya!), I swatched the nude polish included in the collection just because I was bored. And I got the surprise of my life (exaj!), I think I just found a nude polish which I like! Needless to say, I brought it home with me.

Swatches without flash:

With flash:

I love the subtle shimmer

Hangin' Loose is for keep, especially if you're an NC40 like me! 

The second polish in the collection, I immediately reserved after seeing it on a blog. 

Ocean Dip is described as a midtone creamy aqua. Question, is aqua, a blue or a green? At first I thought it was blue like this, but I searched for aqua's pantone and it shows something like this.

In my pics above, it has more blue than green, but in my nails, it's more green than blue.  Either way, I love this polish!

And oh, if you're following me on twitter, you may have read that lately, I am into buying gift wrappers! Honestly, I don't even know where will I use them, I just have this urge to buy cute wrappers that I see haha. 

While uploading the swatches above, I realized the gift wrap I bought this afternoon is a bit similar to the design in the polish bottle. 

It looks like a gumamela, right? 

And speaking of gift wrap, I want to have a room like this:

Do you know a gift wrapping class near Ortigas? I saw one in San Juan but it falls on a work day, I prefer weekends so I don't have to miss work.

I really want to learn how. Sounds silly right? But I don't know, I am into gift wrapping lately! Let me know ok?! Thanks!

PS. MAC Trinoma and MAC MOA/Marrionaud don't have the Surf Baby collection yet, if you want something from this collection and they're already sold out in Shangrila, Makati and Rockwell, you may try your luck there. Not sure if MAC Duty Free has this collection. 


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