NOTD: NYX Girls Fire Amber

This is an old NOTD that I wasn't able to post during the bazaar season late last year. I got it as a freebie from my NYX supplier. As what I always said in this blog, I am not into red polishes.

But it doesn't mean I can't love reds. Reds like this.

NYX Girls Amber Fire is a medium red with a shimmer, a burnt orange shimmer.

I'm really not a big fan of shimmer (or frost, I really can't tell) polish but this one is love. 

 I'm obsessed! Can't stop looking (and taking pics) at my nails even while I'm at the bazaar!

ring from forever21

I even got a matching ring!

ring from The Heiress Collections
I'm amazed with the formula, on how easy it was to apply on my nails, so easy I did my nails at around 4am and I'm done 10 to 15minutes later! I've had some NYX nail polishes before and they're ok, just ok, unlike this one, which I love. Maybe because this one is from a different line? NYX Girls, unlike my NYX Las Vegas Green or Purple which is just NYX nail polish, not NYX Girls nail polish. Haha. Sorry, I'm not making any sense at all! 

Something pink, something cute and something else!

I found something cute last night during my visit at the Handyman Hardware Store. Cute and hardware store in one sentence? Yeah right!

Where I saw it

On one of the bowls on top

It's pink (and purple):

And it's definitely cute:

Cute at 2.5 inches tall:

Cute....and useful. It saved one of my nails today at the office.

How it looks like inside my wallet:

Didn't make my wallet bulky:

Not at all!

A bit expensive at this price

I didn't know it was on sale until I was in the counter to pay!


The rice spoon is another unexpected buy haha. I went to the hardware store to buy light bulbs for my new project!


Excuse the mess and the dirty mirror please! Anyway, it's the Ikea Musik Wall Lamp in action. Got it last year thru a friend from Dubai. The frame and the mirror is care of another friend who has a furniture business (in Cavite).

Planning to use the mirror for my upcoming bazaars but of course, I will definitely use it on regular days =)

Back with vengeance!

I'll just pretend I didn't abandon this blog for over 2 months. 


Really sorry, I just got really busy - work, life and with my small business.  A small biz I didn't think will eat so much of my time (no, I'm not complaining LOL) especially last December when we started joining bazaars - which is suprisingly so fun! If someone told me a few years back that I will be involved in sales, I wouldn't believe that person - at all!

Back in highschool and college, my mom tried to convince me to re-sell some stuff to my classmates. And I always decline. Just because I really don't think I am into sales. I always get shy asking people to buy, always fearing to be rejected. My mom used to work in a garment factory (owned by Ben Chan's brother). Combining her salary and my father's (who's working for another manufacturing company) is just enough to feed a family of five. In order to earn extra, every Sunday (her only rest day), we used to go to Baclaran or Divisoria and buy stuff to resell to her co-workers (on an installment basis) - mostly clothes and seasonal items, like if it's rainy, we buy umbrellas in wholesale, etc. I am my mom's personal kargadora (porter) haha. Imagine me lugging lots of umbrellas, clothes, and sometimes shoes, and we're commuting lang - jeeps, pedicabs and buses

Yes, life then is a bit difficult for us. Just two weeks ago, I saw my old pics in college and would you believe, in most of my pictures, I'm wearing my father's clothes? First and second year in college, we don't have uniforms yet, and we have classes everyday. I have limited clothes at that time, so I ended up "borrowing" (errr, I think stealing is more appropriate) my father's clothes just to avoid repeating clothes week after week. See below. 

on a field trip (rightmost)
my father's striped polo shirt
and another one
and another! 

Fast forward 2010/2011, my mom's enjoying her life as a housewife, she stopped working 8 years ago. My father, although already qualified to retire, chose to continue working coz he said he'll just be bored at home. As for me, I have a nice paying job plus a sideline, and if you noticed me buying lots of stuff,  that's ME making up for all those years! 

Yesterday, SM Megamall had their one-day sale. I went to their department store to check for undergarments on sale. Last month, I bought a Maidenform bra from Debenhams and I really like the fit. Unfortunately, the price is just too much for me (from-someone-who-buys-a-1,350-per-bottle-of-nail-polish? LOL). I can buy 5 Avon bras for Maidenform's price! 

Anyway, when I checked yesterday, a brand called Olga has some of their undergarments on sale, from the regular price ranging from Php1,500 to Php2,000 each, there are items marked down to 450 to 800. Nice right!?! I tried at least 10 and ended up buying 6! 

Yes, I admit, I am one of those who find it in bad taste to post undergarments haul (they are also called the "unmentionables" for a reason), and yet here I am, doing just that! I blurred my size and I didn't take pics of the actual items, I hope it's enough haha. It's just that I really want to share to some of you, who, like me, find it difficult to look for a nice but affordable brand (when on sale LOL!) of undergarments for full-figured women. I must say, the fit is really nice and most of the style I got has full support! 

Total damage: 3,700+ for six items versus the Php2,450-Maidenform-one-I-got-last-month! 

On my way out of the department store, I saw this nice purple knit cardigan on display. I asked the sales attendant for a bigger size and she said it's free size and that it will fit me, I didn't believe her. But still, I tried it on and she's right hehe. I asked if she has other colors, bad move because I ended up buying one of each! It's so difficult to choose! 

Priced at Php999 each, I got black, (of course), purple (the first one I saw), a mustard (it looks yellow gold on the picture though, thinking of using it with my brown clothes) and green (nice to pair it with my black tank tops and slacks!). 

I also got this Php599-Calico-knit top! 

So there, now I don't need to "steal" someone else's clothes LOL! 


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