NOTD: NYX Girls Fire Amber

This is an old NOTD that I wasn't able to post during the bazaar season late last year. I got it as a freebie from my NYX supplier. As what I always said in this blog, I am not into red polishes.

But it doesn't mean I can't love reds. Reds like this.

NYX Girls Amber Fire is a medium red with a shimmer, a burnt orange shimmer.

I'm really not a big fan of shimmer (or frost, I really can't tell) polish but this one is love. 

 I'm obsessed! Can't stop looking (and taking pics) at my nails even while I'm at the bazaar!

ring from forever21

I even got a matching ring!

ring from The Heiress Collections
I'm amazed with the formula, on how easy it was to apply on my nails, so easy I did my nails at around 4am and I'm done 10 to 15minutes later! I've had some NYX nail polishes before and they're ok, just ok, unlike this one, which I love. Maybe because this one is from a different line? NYX Girls, unlike my NYX Las Vegas Green or Purple which is just NYX nail polish, not NYX Girls nail polish. Haha. Sorry, I'm not making any sense at all! 

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