Something pink, something cute and something else!

I found something cute last night during my visit at the Handyman Hardware Store. Cute and hardware store in one sentence? Yeah right!

Where I saw it

On one of the bowls on top

It's pink (and purple):

And it's definitely cute:

Cute at 2.5 inches tall:

Cute....and useful. It saved one of my nails today at the office.

How it looks like inside my wallet:

Didn't make my wallet bulky:

Not at all!

A bit expensive at this price

I didn't know it was on sale until I was in the counter to pay!


The rice spoon is another unexpected buy haha. I went to the hardware store to buy light bulbs for my new project!


Excuse the mess and the dirty mirror please! Anyway, it's the Ikea Musik Wall Lamp in action. Got it last year thru a friend from Dubai. The frame and the mirror is care of another friend who has a furniture business (in Cavite).

Planning to use the mirror for my upcoming bazaars but of course, I will definitely use it on regular days =)

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