House of Night Series + Eternal

Borrowed these books from our book club (at the office) last week, I was actually excited when I brought them home since I ran out of stuff to read. I don't know, but I love reading more than watching. Between a good movie and a good book, I prefer the latter.

The last book I read was "I am Number Four", and I love it! I managed to read it for 4 or 5 nights. As much as I want to read it in one sitting, I can't since I need to go to work. 

I watched the movie version right after reading the book, it's nice but as expected, I love the book more.

Anyway, I started with "Marked", and I'm quite disappointed. I actually had to forced myself to finish 'till Chapter 3. I'm not liking it so far. I'm irritated with Zoey (the main character). Anyone who already read this series? Is it good? Should I continue? 

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