Elianto's on sale!

And I think I'm the last one to know!

Elianto Sparkling Diva Nail Polishes
These are regularly priced at Php199 each but I got them at Php69 per bottle at Watson's in Megamall. I bought some duplicates coz I was planning to give them to my friends this weekend since we're set to meet at Enchanted Kingdom last Saturday. Glad that I was able to get Elianto Racing Green coz I really love that one, I already have it on my stash for sometime now, used it once but wasn't able to blog about it. 

the regular line
I also got two regular polishes, Blue Splash and Neon Purple, also at Php69 each. The one in the middle, was given for free. Well, not free but I paid Php1 for that. 

Are they phasing out Elianto? I asked the saleslady if she has some more colors but that's all they have (plus some orange and neutral polishes I'm not so crazy about). I mumbled about dropping by to their Galleria stall (where I got my Racing Green, Sky Blue and Turquoise - love this three!) but she was quick to reply they already pulled out there. Checked out some of their stuff - tools and makeups and most of them are at 50% off. What's happening?!

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