Going wild with Wet 'n Wild!

Thanks to the sweet Hedley for introducing me to Wet 'n Wild. She sent me some stuff (without any reason!) sometime last year including lots of WnW polishes. I think, she sent me more than 10 bottles (although some were not included in the picture below).

I wan't to kick my butt for not using them sooner! Especially that one on the middle, first row! 

The shade is Eggplant Frost, is a deep iridiscent purple polish, it's a duochrome with blue flash, just like that of Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie. I have Scrangie, will try to show them to you side by side some other time although knowing me, don't count on it hahaha. 

For the meantime, I'll post their separate pics here, hope you see the similarity I'm talking about. 

crappy pic of RBL Scrangie
WnW Eggplant Frost (with flash)
Two coats and you'll have this dark pretty purple on your nails! Not sure if it's just me, but you will need a good top coat for this to prevent chipping. It doesn't bother me a lot though just because I've gotten use to it. No matter how expensive a polish is, it doesn't last more than 2 days on me, some even chipped the same day (Essie and Zoya)! Maybe because I use my fingers a lot and I use my nails when typing =)

Also, please note that this particular line of polish by WnW has a long and narrow brush, which might be a turn off to some of you. Speaking for myself, I'd rather have that than the fat/wide brush of OPI. 

indoor, without flash

(with flash)

Even my friend who prefers reds and pinks on her nails fell in love with this shade. Who wouldn't be, right?

She even asked me to buy one for her. Unfortunately, when I visited the two WnW counters at Megamall, they don't have it on stock (which is why I ended up buying those Elianto polishes). 

I just saw one shade there in this packaging. As explained by the saleslady (at the Watson's store in Mega B), it's been a while since they have this on stock, they only received the round ones (at the first pic above, which is more expensive at P199 each). Calling Sprint Asia! ^_^

Two more pics!
(with flash)

(with flash)

Nice noh?! Hope they'll restock this shade soon! 

Quick facts:
Price: 99 per bottle
Brand availability: SM Department Stores (Makati, Manila, Fairview, Las Piñas, Megamall B)
and Watson's Personal Care Store Mall of Asia and Megamall  (near Forever21)

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