I finally gave in!

GHD, I told you, someday you will be mine.

GHD Professional Hair Styler

And that someday is just a few days away!

$225.00   $205.00 + 20% off coupon code sitewide sale: SPRING

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I initially wanted the classic one which retails for $185 but after discounts, the price difference between the classic and the professional styler went down to around $16.

GHD Classic Styler

From the reviews, not much difference between the two. Some said that the classic styler has just ceramic plates whereas the professional has aluminum plated ceramic plates which protects the hair and produces more shine. Some reviewers mentioned too that the professional is slightly lighter than the classic and that it (professional) has the newest heat technology. Whatever new technology it is, I really don't care, I was sold when I read that it's lighter! With my hair volume, the weight of the flat iron really matters!

Shipped mine via Johnny Air Cargo's shop online service, payment options include credit cards and paypal, as much as I want to use paypal to protect my card, I wasn't able to use it since the default country is Philippines (shipping charge straight here is around $22+). I just hope that the https: thingie works LOL!

Don't know how much will it cost me at Johnny Air but I'm guessing around Php900 to Php1,200 (crossing my fingers!). A bit higher compared when I ship it directly here but at least I don't have to deal with customs and their ridiculous tax computations!

Actually, the original plan is to ship this to a friend who's currently in US. But she needs to receive it by March 15, however, the site says:

Since I already got a good deal from beautychoice.com, paying extra for the shipping cost is fine with me (but of course I'd be happier if I didn't have to pay for it haha).

This flat iron has been on my wishlist for over two years now. I tweeted about my lemming yesterday and this morning, I had a chat with a close friend and found out that she has the GHD classic styler (which she got for around Php10,000 at Dubai where she works). I was quite surprised coz she's not as "kikay"/vain as I am and yet she has this iron!!! She convinced me to get one coz it's really nice daw. A gentle nudge is all what I needed, she didn't have to convince me too hard haha. 

And now the waiting game begins..........it should be here before month end, earlier if everything goes well! 

PS: GHD means Good Hair Day, I just found out yesterday haha. If you want to know more about this flat iron, a lot of reviews are available in youtube, and sephora. Also, please buy at the authorized retailers only, there are a lot of fakes around. Beware on buying at amazon.com, they're not an authorized retailer so the warranty doesn't apply for units bought through amazon. 

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