NOTD: Orly Galaxy Girl

While organizing my files last night, I saw some of my unposted swatches. Including:

Yes, another old (unposted) swatch! Took photos of these swatches as soon as I got my hands on them. But didn't post it online then coz I found out that the close up shots are horrible (messy, gritty, ugly!). I planned on re-swatching them, but of course, it didn't happen!

Since I spent time and effort in swatching this polish, might as well post some of the pics rather than let them all sit in my hard drive, right? As I've said, only the macro shots are not presentable just because I was too lazy to clean up the sides.

Promise, I will not post those horrible close up shots.

taken outside
Good thing, you can still see its beauty even from afar.

with flash
It has a dupe from MAC's Venomous Villain collection, Formidable, which I have and still waiting to be used. This dupe, unfortunaltely, is harder to find, and not to mention, more expensive.

MAC Formidable

Can't recall if the formula is nice though. The pics are that old although I remember how stubborn those micro glitters are when you try to remove the polish on your nails.

I believe the Orly Cosmic FX collection is already available at our local counter, at their regular price (I was told). Lucky you! Because I got mine from the US when they're selling at $10 a bottle! 

Edit: The collection was launched last December 2010 and is already sold out (Orly counters) but they have some more stocks available at the recently opened Purebeauty at Serendra at Fort Bonifacio. 

If you love dark polishes, this is a must buy, along with the other shades in this collection.

On another note, I just found out (thanks Mindy), that Zachary Levi, yes, Chuck Bartowski, sings well . Been listening to him (and Katharine Mcphee) for two days in a row! Can't stop talking about Chuck -- to P, to my officemates, to my facebook friends, and now, to this blog haha. I even changed my Ipod's wallpaper from P's picture to Chuck!

Can you see him here?

love their tandem! 
Obsess much! Chuck fans, you have to listen to this!

I've yet to find a vid clip of his duet with Mandy Moore at the Oscar's yesterday, can you help me?

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