What am I reading now...

Yes, I know I said I hate this book/series, but I'm taking it back! We can always changed our minds right? If anyone of you decides to read this series, I'm warning you that the first three chapters may be boring. Take note of the word "may" =)

I'm almost finished with this one, I stopped on the part where someone close to Zoey died =(

Another reason I love this series is that they used Nyx as the vampyre's goddess (and yes they spell vampyres in the books with a "y" not an "i"). Maybe the author is a big fan of Greek mythology since Nyx in Greek mythology is the goddess of the night.

And why I love that they use Nyx in the series? Well, it's not a secret that I sell NYX cosmetics! As I said, Nyx in the book is the goddess of the night. Take a look at the packaging of NYX cosmetics' megashine lipgloss.

There's a crescent moon too!!! See, I have an affinity too! An affinity* to all things silly hahaha!

On another note, Pampam strikes again!

P's slippers from Payless 

*affinity in the book means a special gift/goddess given gifts

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