Dior just rocked my world!

My Chanel nail polish addiction is bad, add RBL, Lippmann, MAC, NARS and Butter London, I'm already doomed. But what if I tell you I just got addicted with another high-end brand? 

I got intrigued with their polish when I saw Pam and Tatin's tweet exchange almost a month ago.

I went to Shang the following day and got myself Black Ink, it's the only non-red/non pink available, so I didn't have any problem on choosing what to pick as my very first Dior nail polish.

I swatched it on my finger, and to tell you honestly, I'm a bit dissapointed with the shade. Let me repost what I shared in Facebook here.

click pic to enlarge and read the caption

I will try to post a proper swatch of this shade. This blog entry is for another purpose, that is, to announce that the Dior Rock Your Nails Collection is now available at our local Dior counters.

Rock Your Nails 2011

Nirvana (turquiose)
Blue Label (dark navy)
 Perfecto (dark gray)
 Purple Mix (rosy purple/mauve)
and Underground (rich chocolate brown)

And the star of the collection:

The ultimate Smokey Top Coat
From Dior's website: Rock coat adds depth to the Dior Vernis shades with a smoky veil of lacquer for a seductive rock effect. The key: when used as a classic top coat, it's semi-transparent black formula, coats the varnish with a veil of smoky lacquer extending wear and increasing shine. The nail varnish takes on a rock looo, becoming sensual and enigmatic. 

Thanks (or no thanks haha) to my super enabler, Pam of PolishPolice.com (i love her blog!), she sent me an SMS at exactly 4:30p.m. We exchanged text for an hour, and in between, I called Dior Shang to reserve and told Ms. Jo that I will be picking them up tomorrow, during my lunchbreak.

At 6:58 pm, I signed in to Foursquare:

Low EQ anyone? Haha!

What I got:

From the promo pics, I know I'll get Nirvana and Purple Mix, I think Perfecto and Blue Label are nice, Underground didn't appeal to me at all. As for the Rock Coat, I made a mistake by asking Pam if I should get Rock Coat too. Of course she said yes, and that Rock Coat is a MUST HAVE!!!!!!!! That there are only 2 bottles LEFT, yada yada! LOL! 

I swatched all the testers on my nails, and I shouldn't have! Because now, I love Perfecto and Underground, but Blue Label not so much (too dark, it almost look black). No tester for Nirvana boo!

My loots!
Swatches on my nails: Perfecto, Purple Mix, Underground, Blue Label

I tried Rock Coat over Purple Mix too, it's nice but my camphone can't capture it correctly.

Rock coat over Purple Mix/Purple Mix

After trying Rock Coat, Jo handed me a top coat and asked me to use it on my other nails. OMG!!! It's the best ever!!! And here I thought no other top coats will beat Seche Vite and Poshe! After trying Dior's top coat, I'm willing to ditch my Seche Vite and Poshe top coats together in exchange for one bottle of Dior. It's like a miracle in a bottle, it dries FASTER than Seche Vite, how is that even possible, I don't know! It has a sh and applies thinly. I'm sooo impressed! You have to try it to believe it! 

It looks so simple and unassuming noh?
I reserved a bottle of this top coat and Perfecto and Underground too. I didn't buy it right then and there coz I want to ask first if there's Dior in Duty Free, haha. Duty Free prices are cheaper than Rustan's (Php900* a bottle, gulp!), so I want to check first. Since this is not a limited edition, I'll take my chance haha.

If you follow me on twitter, you probably saw the temporary madness when I shared the swatches to my friends. Borrowing Pam's words from our SMS exchange, "Lord help us!" 

Please pray for our wallet's soul. Ha ha ha!

P.S. My officemate bought a lip balm too, I'm just a bit sad coz we didn't get a GWP (ang babaw ko LOL!), not even a sample of their foundation haha.
*Only the top coat costs Php900 each, the lacquers are Php1,200. 
Clear pics are promo photos taken from the internet, the overexposed
photos are taken thru my camphone (BB9700), sorry if they're a bit

NOTD/Review: Butter London in Branwen's Feather

Worn this shade two weeks ago during one of our bazaars at Rockwell.

I've had this shade since last year, I remember buying this after an unsuccessful attempt to pick up my reserved Chanel Paradoxal at the Chanel counter in Rustan's Shangri-la. Pam reserved one bottle under my name but when I went there, my name was not in the reservation list. It's a long story but there had been a misunderstanding somewhere so Pam ended up getting it for me the next day (thanks Pam!).

While on que for a cab on our way back to the office (we were at Shang during our lunchbreak), I saw Basement Salon and remembered that Pam posted in her blog that Butter London polishes are available there.

If you're a shopaholic like me, you'll know the feeling. That feeling to buy something, anything, specially after being dissapointed that you didn't get what you really wanted to get. Yes, I'm sick LOL! 

With Chanel Paradoxal still on my mind, I picked Branwen's Feather.


There's a similarity noh?

Or so I thought haha.

While Chanel Paradoxal is a grayed taupe-y purple, Branwen's Feather is a black-based purple with silver microglitters.

outdoor, direct sunlight

Since I obviously suck at color description, let's just take what Butter London says about Branwen's Feather:

"A purple-ish black with loads of depth and shine. Like a silky raven's feather at midnight by the Tower."

That's way, way, wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than anything I can come up with (case in point, paradoxal's color description above haha!). 

I looked up Branwen (I'm curious about the name), and found out, Branwen is the Celtic goddess of love and fertility whose name means blessed white crow/raven. Ahh, okay! And here I thought Branwen is a guy!

with flash

taken indoor

outdoor with my betamax* and isaw**!!!
yes, they invaded Rockwell bazaars already ! 


Application: I used three coats for this shade, considering this is a dark polish, I expected it to be opaque at least on the 2nd coat, and it's not. At 2 coats, it's still streaky. Forget about going away with one coat, it's too sheer, almost transparent even.

Tipwear: At Php660 a bottle, I expected a lot. Did my manicure the night before, and here it is the day after.

see that chip on the side of the middle finger?

At the end of the day, I had to remove my polish due to visible tipwear. I used Seche Vite top coat with Branwen's Feather. I'm thinking that since Butter London is classified as a Big 3-Free brand (meaning they don't contain formaldehyde, toluene and DPB or parabens), maybe their polishes are not compatible with Seche Vite top coat. Note to self: use a Big3-free top coat on the next Butter London polish.

Update: just saw in their Facebook account that they increased their prices last March 31st, will post as soon as I get the new SRP. 

Overall: If you don't mind the price, if applying 3 coats is not a problem, if you like the color and the shape of the bottle (I do!) and you change your polish almost everyday (ehem!), go get it! I believe this is a permanent shade.

Where to buy: Basement Salon at the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell and in Shangri-la Edsa Plaza Mall, Henri Calayag at the G/F of The Residences at Greenbelt, Nail Spa in Legazpi Village and in Shangri-la Edsa Plaza Mall and at Toni & Guy in 6750 Ayala Ave.

I'm lemming for Butter London in Victoriana, I don't frequently visit those areas that sell Butter London polishes, so please let me know if you meet Victoriana =)

Here she is:

for non-Filipino readers

*   betamax - skewered salted solidified pork/chicken blood.
** isaw - pig/chicken intestines, marinated and skewered

- gross? LOL, they're my favorite street foods ^_^

Product Review: Orly Nail Whitener with Tea Tree Oil

I bought this product sometime last year (from a US website), it arrived a month later together with a couple of nail polish bottles and I just stuffed it to my drawer, left to be forgotten LOL. 

A stain remover and nail brightener that clarifies and restores nails to a naturally beautiful finish. Orly Nail Whitener is an effervescent soak that combines a double dose of tea tree oil and citrus to detoxify and help dissolve impurities and stains on the nail. With Orly Nail Whitener nails are refined and bright.

how to use
  • Remove lacquer from nails - check! 

  • Fill a bowl with 1/3 cup of warm water - check! (Since I used a manicure bowl which fits 5 fingers only, I ended up using two sachets for my left and right hands)
love the fizz! reminds me of Alka-Seltzer haha
  • Gently move nails around in water and soak for 5 minutes - check! 

I watched Imortal online while waiting.
5minutes right on the dot! 

Results after washing and brushing with nail brush. 

After the procedure, the nails are a little less shiny.

As for the stains on my nails, not much difference noh? It wasn't able to get rid of the stain, no "whitening" effect, and my nails still look a bit yellowish. 

I thought this was not locally available so I decided not to post my review about this whitener (would you believe that the draft post was created almost two months ago?!!!). 

While buying some stuff a few weeks back, I saw this at PCX in Rockwell. 

Whoa! I didn't know it's $ooooo expensive! To think I used 2 sachets hahaha! In my defense, I seriously can't remember how much I got mine. 

Will I recommend this product? Hmm, if you have money to burn, go ahead, but don't expect too much from a single use. If you decide to try this product, allot a budget for at least 3 sachets/3 usage. 

I might try the lemon on nails next! 

NOTD: NYX Girls Polish in Algae

Out of all the polishes I swatched last weekend, this is my favorite! Even my sister, who's more into pinks and orange polishes, chose this color as the most beautiful out of the 20+ shades I swatched. This is also the first shade that got sold out from our last bazaar.

The shade reminds me so much of Misa Dirty Sexy Money, only this one has more green and gray on it, duskier than Misa DSM. 

Such a pretty teal polish....

This is two thin coats, no top coat. 

This shade sold out so fast last bazaar that I forgot to save one for myself.

If you noticed in the pics above, the cap of the polish was damaged. It's the first time I'm actually grateful that something got damaged while my items are in transit, haha. If not for the damaged cap, most likely it will be sold too during the bazaar and I will end up without my own bottle. My thanks to whoever caused the damage, whether it's the courier people or it was already damaged when my supplier sent it to me! That just goes to show I am more than an addict than I am as a business woman! Hahaha!

More pics:

Up to now, I still don't know how I want to hold the polish bottles when taking pics. My fingers look awkward. Any tips? Preference? Let me know please! . 

NOTD: NYX Between Mauve and Purple

Hello everyone! How's your vacation? I wanted to update this blog last night after my swatch fest last weekend but wasn't able to since we need to reply to email inquiries and order forms as fast as we can!

We spent our vacation (P and I and Pampam) at my parents' house in Cavite. I brought a lot of NYX Nail polishes for swatching, as well as some of my RBL bottles.

We packed our things in a hurry last Wednesday night so I forgot quite a number of things I needed, like my Zoya Remove+, digicam's battery recharger, Lush Lemony Flutter, etc.

Saturday afternoon, As expected, after swatching more than 20 shades, the skin around my finger nails felt  raw and dry since I just used an ordinary polish remover. Never again! Haha!

You all know that I love purples right? Then, it's no longer surprising if one of my favorites out of the bunch I swatched last weekend is NYX Between Mauve and Purple.

Such a long name for a polish! LOL! Is it just me? It looks more purple to me and no hint of mauve right?

Although if I will have to take James Whistler's word, an artist who once said that, "Mauve is just pink trying to be purple", it's just right to name this polish as such.

But still, this one looks like a straight soft matte purple to me. Haha, stubborn me!

Application, as with all of my NYX Girls Polish, is a breeze. This is two thin coats, no top coat. 


Before I removed this polish to swatch another one, I thought of using the glittered NPs over the cream ones, just to save time hehe.

This is NYX Girls Polish in Dynamic Glitter on top:

Love those chunky glitters. Didn't require a lot of effort to apply, unlike with my Revlon Red Slippers which is a (chunky) glitter polish too!

If I need my polish to last, I usually layer a glitter polish over my regular ones. Anyone who does the same?

NOTD: Rescue Beauty Lounge (RBL) Under the Stars

RBL Under the Stars
The endless Moroccan night sky was the inspiration for Under the Stars,
a rich deep navy infused with a shot of blue shimmer.
Think of Talitha Getty on a midnight terrace in Marrakesh,
swathed in dusky layers of Yves Saint Laurent.
It's the perfect compliment to a color-saturated
Lanvin necklace or corsage bracelet. 

In my dream, this is how I want it to be on my nails:

Pretty, pretty, pretty! 

To tell you this IS Under the Stars by RBL is an outright lie. 

The truth is, RBL Under the Stars looks like this on my nails. 

One word - Disappointing.

The blue shimmer of RBL Under the Stars is barely noticeable. Even under direct sunlight.

I want to love it so much. I really do. There's nothing wrong with the formula. What turns me off is the base color, it's just too dark (for my taste) which made it a bit difficult for the blue shimmer to show up. If I want a navy blue, maybe I'll just have Dead Calm, still by RBL.

On my next visit to a nail spa, I will use this again. Maybe it was just my crappy application. Maybe.....After all, this is included in ALU's top 5 RBL polishes.

On another note, If you want to know what polish(es) I used at picture nos. 2 to 5, keep reading.

This is NYX Girls Polish in Ink at Heart.

A navy blue creme.

Hmm, I think it's a jelly.

This was 2 coats.

Try to zoom in the picture!

With camera flash, it looks like a royal blue!

And meet NYX Girls Polish in Aqua Glitter! 

NYX Girls Polish in Aqua Glitter

Such a beautiful shade. Turquoise jelly-based glitter.

I didn't try it on it's own though.

Instead, I used it on top of NYX Girls in Ink at Heart.

One coat of Aqua Glitter over Ink at Heart

This time, words are not enough. 

PS. sorry my skin is too dry, pics taken after I swatched 8 polishes =)


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