My polish stash

I've trimmed down my nail polish collection! I just realized it 2 weeks ago when I finally had time to organize them. As you all know, I've been very active in joining bazaars since late last year. When I ran out of polishes to sell, I picked the new polishes from my collection and included it in the items for sale. It took me a while though since I need to make sure that those colors can easily be replaced!

My nail polish collection is now on a more "normal level" than before haha! I think I was able to dispose around 60 to 80 bottles (Zoya, China Glaze, Misa, Color Club and OPI mostly).

This is where I store my polishes.

oops! Eherrmrm, excuse me Pampam! 

excuse the mess outside. we converted the sala as our mini office for our online store
I also use this as my side/night table haha. 

After trimming down my stash, the last drawer is empty now (wooohoo!). Ihave 3 drawers of polishes, only the first one is full. I'm missing some when I took the pics including 1 Chanel, 2 RBLs and a couple of OPIs and China Glaze which I think are on loan to some of my friends. 

1st drawer: China Glaze, OPI, Essie, Orly, Zoya, Nubar

2nd drawer: Elianto, Wet and Wild, Model's Own, Barielle, Milani
American Apprel, Color Club, Sally Hansen, Revlon, Forever21, Miscellaneous brands

3rd drawer (the boxed ones!): NARS, MAC, Lippman, Illamasqua
Chanel, Rescue Beauty Lounge (RBL), Essie (set)

4th drawer: Removers, Top coats, Base Coats, Nail Treatments
Yes, I love Zoya Remove+ !

5th drawer: Tools and miscellaneous 

I still am a polish addict but I can proudly say I'm no longer as crazy as I am compared last year! 

Okay, that was a lie! LOL. 2 weeks after I took these pictures, I bought 2 RBLs (and I'm waiting for the 4 RBL bottles I pre-ordered), 2 MACs (Wonderwoman! yey!), 1 Dior (my first, and I have a feeling, it won't be the last, Pam it's your fault!). 

And then I have with me more than 2 dozens of polishes consigned by a friend, and I'm eyeing 3 or 4 Tony Moly pastel polishes for myself! Argh! 

Not as crazy huh?!? Haha, I wish! It's worst than before, just because I'm leaning towards boxed polishes a.k.a. the more expensive ones. Sigh. 

I would love to see your polish stash too, please comment with the link so I can drool over your polish collection! 

PS. My polishes were kicked out of their house 2 days ago. Apparently, we need additional storage for our stocks of NYX Round lipsticks. Can you help my polishes get back their house by visiting us at this weekend's Rockwell's Urban Bazaar. Please buy as many as you can of round lipsticks, please, please, please? The more you buy, the more chances of us getting back the helmer soon....LOL!

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