NOTD: Rescue Beauty Lounge (RBL) Under the Stars

RBL Under the Stars
The endless Moroccan night sky was the inspiration for Under the Stars,
a rich deep navy infused with a shot of blue shimmer.
Think of Talitha Getty on a midnight terrace in Marrakesh,
swathed in dusky layers of Yves Saint Laurent.
It's the perfect compliment to a color-saturated
Lanvin necklace or corsage bracelet. 

In my dream, this is how I want it to be on my nails:

Pretty, pretty, pretty! 

To tell you this IS Under the Stars by RBL is an outright lie. 

The truth is, RBL Under the Stars looks like this on my nails. 

One word - Disappointing.

The blue shimmer of RBL Under the Stars is barely noticeable. Even under direct sunlight.

I want to love it so much. I really do. There's nothing wrong with the formula. What turns me off is the base color, it's just too dark (for my taste) which made it a bit difficult for the blue shimmer to show up. If I want a navy blue, maybe I'll just have Dead Calm, still by RBL.

On my next visit to a nail spa, I will use this again. Maybe it was just my crappy application. Maybe.....After all, this is included in ALU's top 5 RBL polishes.

On another note, If you want to know what polish(es) I used at picture nos. 2 to 5, keep reading.

This is NYX Girls Polish in Ink at Heart.

A navy blue creme.

Hmm, I think it's a jelly.

This was 2 coats.

Try to zoom in the picture!

With camera flash, it looks like a royal blue!

And meet NYX Girls Polish in Aqua Glitter! 

NYX Girls Polish in Aqua Glitter

Such a beautiful shade. Turquoise jelly-based glitter.

I didn't try it on it's own though.

Instead, I used it on top of NYX Girls in Ink at Heart.

One coat of Aqua Glitter over Ink at Heart

This time, words are not enough. 

PS. sorry my skin is too dry, pics taken after I swatched 8 polishes =)

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