NOTD/Review: Butter London in Branwen's Feather

Worn this shade two weeks ago during one of our bazaars at Rockwell.

I've had this shade since last year, I remember buying this after an unsuccessful attempt to pick up my reserved Chanel Paradoxal at the Chanel counter in Rustan's Shangri-la. Pam reserved one bottle under my name but when I went there, my name was not in the reservation list. It's a long story but there had been a misunderstanding somewhere so Pam ended up getting it for me the next day (thanks Pam!).

While on que for a cab on our way back to the office (we were at Shang during our lunchbreak), I saw Basement Salon and remembered that Pam posted in her blog that Butter London polishes are available there.

If you're a shopaholic like me, you'll know the feeling. That feeling to buy something, anything, specially after being dissapointed that you didn't get what you really wanted to get. Yes, I'm sick LOL! 

With Chanel Paradoxal still on my mind, I picked Branwen's Feather.


There's a similarity noh?

Or so I thought haha.

While Chanel Paradoxal is a grayed taupe-y purple, Branwen's Feather is a black-based purple with silver microglitters.

outdoor, direct sunlight

Since I obviously suck at color description, let's just take what Butter London says about Branwen's Feather:

"A purple-ish black with loads of depth and shine. Like a silky raven's feather at midnight by the Tower."

That's way, way, wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than anything I can come up with (case in point, paradoxal's color description above haha!). 

I looked up Branwen (I'm curious about the name), and found out, Branwen is the Celtic goddess of love and fertility whose name means blessed white crow/raven. Ahh, okay! And here I thought Branwen is a guy!

with flash

taken indoor

outdoor with my betamax* and isaw**!!!
yes, they invaded Rockwell bazaars already ! 


Application: I used three coats for this shade, considering this is a dark polish, I expected it to be opaque at least on the 2nd coat, and it's not. At 2 coats, it's still streaky. Forget about going away with one coat, it's too sheer, almost transparent even.

Tipwear: At Php660 a bottle, I expected a lot. Did my manicure the night before, and here it is the day after.

see that chip on the side of the middle finger?

At the end of the day, I had to remove my polish due to visible tipwear. I used Seche Vite top coat with Branwen's Feather. I'm thinking that since Butter London is classified as a Big 3-Free brand (meaning they don't contain formaldehyde, toluene and DPB or parabens), maybe their polishes are not compatible with Seche Vite top coat. Note to self: use a Big3-free top coat on the next Butter London polish.

Update: just saw in their Facebook account that they increased their prices last March 31st, will post as soon as I get the new SRP. 

Overall: If you don't mind the price, if applying 3 coats is not a problem, if you like the color and the shape of the bottle (I do!) and you change your polish almost everyday (ehem!), go get it! I believe this is a permanent shade.

Where to buy: Basement Salon at the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell and in Shangri-la Edsa Plaza Mall, Henri Calayag at the G/F of The Residences at Greenbelt, Nail Spa in Legazpi Village and in Shangri-la Edsa Plaza Mall and at Toni & Guy in 6750 Ayala Ave.

I'm lemming for Butter London in Victoriana, I don't frequently visit those areas that sell Butter London polishes, so please let me know if you meet Victoriana =)

Here she is:

for non-Filipino readers

*   betamax - skewered salted solidified pork/chicken blood.
** isaw - pig/chicken intestines, marinated and skewered

- gross? LOL, they're my favorite street foods ^_^

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