Product Review: Orly Nail Whitener with Tea Tree Oil

I bought this product sometime last year (from a US website), it arrived a month later together with a couple of nail polish bottles and I just stuffed it to my drawer, left to be forgotten LOL. 

A stain remover and nail brightener that clarifies and restores nails to a naturally beautiful finish. Orly Nail Whitener is an effervescent soak that combines a double dose of tea tree oil and citrus to detoxify and help dissolve impurities and stains on the nail. With Orly Nail Whitener nails are refined and bright.

how to use
  • Remove lacquer from nails - check! 

  • Fill a bowl with 1/3 cup of warm water - check! (Since I used a manicure bowl which fits 5 fingers only, I ended up using two sachets for my left and right hands)
love the fizz! reminds me of Alka-Seltzer haha
  • Gently move nails around in water and soak for 5 minutes - check! 

I watched Imortal online while waiting.
5minutes right on the dot! 

Results after washing and brushing with nail brush. 

After the procedure, the nails are a little less shiny.

As for the stains on my nails, not much difference noh? It wasn't able to get rid of the stain, no "whitening" effect, and my nails still look a bit yellowish. 

I thought this was not locally available so I decided not to post my review about this whitener (would you believe that the draft post was created almost two months ago?!!!). 

While buying some stuff a few weeks back, I saw this at PCX in Rockwell. 

Whoa! I didn't know it's $ooooo expensive! To think I used 2 sachets hahaha! In my defense, I seriously can't remember how much I got mine. 

Will I recommend this product? Hmm, if you have money to burn, go ahead, but don't expect too much from a single use. If you decide to try this product, allot a budget for at least 3 sachets/3 usage. 

I might try the lemon on nails next! 

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