NOTD: Essie Tart Deco

This is an old NOTD, maybe a month ago? So old I can't even remember. Which reminds me, I need to visit my fave nail spa again. 

Let me just say, this is a pain in the *toot* to photograph (can't say anything about application since I had it applied by a nail tech). But since the photos are a bit old, I can't remember which of the following are close to the actual color. Yeah I know, this is a senseless post haha. But then, I don't have the heart to delete or scrap any of these since they look nice. And some of you might want to see how does it look in an Asian skin.

The first 3 pictures are taken at the spa coz I want to borrow the bottle when I took pictures. 1st and 3rd, no flash. 

And then when I got home, it's as if I changed my manicure while walking from the mall to my place (and it's just a 10-15 minute walk). Look! It's more neon, more orange-y!

Crazy right?! Then I tried using orange as a background. The accent tiles at out bathroom.

And it goes back to being peach. Like magic. But it looks dull. Maybe because of the lighting.

If I can remember it right, this last picture is the closest I can get to the actual color. 

Do you like this shade? Personally, peach is not really my thing. I just got curious with since I always see this on youtube and other blogs being part of their top summer nail polishes. Good thing I didn't have to pay extra or buy my own bottle just to try this.

You can buy Essie at Rustans at Php425 each. Although if I got my info correct, Rustan's will no longer carry OPI and Essie in the future. =(

Yellow Me by Tony Moly and my blog url

Hello everyone! I seriously miss all of you here. Sorry if it seemed I abandoned this blog, I did not. I still swatch nail polishes here and there but just can't find time to post them. Laziness and lack of time.

Before I forget, please note that my domain is now pointed to my multiply shop, which I think is just right. I waited for almost a year to do that since I'm afraid to mess up my settings, at least if I botch it up, I won't loose any money since my domain ownership is almost up!

So there, my new blog url is, fitting right? Since it's what I am really doing here, just babbling about my beauty purchases/discoveries. Will change header maybe end of this week. 

On to the swatches:

Tony Moly RM05 (Yellow Me): I will not even attempt to describe the color since I suck in that department, I'll swatch, post pics, and comment, ok?  ^_^

I tried comparing RM05 with my other yellow nail polishes just for kicks.

Out of the four yellows above, my favorite is the American Apparel in Manila, the only yellow I know who's not a bitch to apply. Full NOTD here. Orly Lemonade is too pale for my color, while Zoya Pippa is a bit too bright, Tony Moly RM05 is something in between.

Can't wait to try and use these yellows with my OPI Black Shatter, too bad I don't have my bottle yet when I did the swatches above.

One last look for Tony Moly RM05:

Sorry for the messy application, I tried my best, seriously! Although I know I need to start using my nail polish corrector but since I'm gonna remove them immediately, I didn't bother.

Why is it so hard to apply yellow nail polishes? Read from another blog a trick in applying yellow nail polishes though, it says, apply a base coat, then put on a Seche Vite Top Coat and then start painting your nails with the yellow polish. Sounds weird, but something I want to give a try if ever I can get my hands on Chanel Mimosa!

Check Tony Moly Facebook page for their branches. Got this bottle for 99pesos only!


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