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Hello everyone! I seriously miss all of you here. Sorry if it seemed I abandoned this blog, I did not. I still swatch nail polishes here and there but just can't find time to post them. Laziness and lack of time.

Before I forget, please note that my domain is now pointed to my multiply shop, which I think is just right. I waited for almost a year to do that since I'm afraid to mess up my settings, at least if I botch it up, I won't loose any money since my domain ownership is almost up!

So there, my new blog url is, fitting right? Since it's what I am really doing here, just babbling about my beauty purchases/discoveries. Will change header maybe end of this week. 

On to the swatches:

Tony Moly RM05 (Yellow Me): I will not even attempt to describe the color since I suck in that department, I'll swatch, post pics, and comment, ok?  ^_^

I tried comparing RM05 with my other yellow nail polishes just for kicks.

Out of the four yellows above, my favorite is the American Apparel in Manila, the only yellow I know who's not a bitch to apply. Full NOTD here. Orly Lemonade is too pale for my color, while Zoya Pippa is a bit too bright, Tony Moly RM05 is something in between.

Can't wait to try and use these yellows with my OPI Black Shatter, too bad I don't have my bottle yet when I did the swatches above.

One last look for Tony Moly RM05:

Sorry for the messy application, I tried my best, seriously! Although I know I need to start using my nail polish corrector but since I'm gonna remove them immediately, I didn't bother.

Why is it so hard to apply yellow nail polishes? Read from another blog a trick in applying yellow nail polishes though, it says, apply a base coat, then put on a Seche Vite Top Coat and then start painting your nails with the yellow polish. Sounds weird, but something I want to give a try if ever I can get my hands on Chanel Mimosa!

Check Tony Moly Facebook page for their branches. Got this bottle for 99pesos only!

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