I heart Fino!

Last month, I was on the lookout for a nice checkbook holder. I've tried looking online but I don't really like what I've seen so far. Most are synthetic leathers, and they look cheap. I want something simple and classy.  I turned to twitter and asked where to get a nice checkbook holder and my ever dependable twitter friends replied immediately and most of them said "Try Fino or Authors".

I checked Authors online page and still, I didn't find anything I like. That left me with Fino. Unfortunately, they don't have a branch in Megamall. I searched and saw that their Shangri-la branch is the nearest one to me, sad since I don't frequent that mall anymore as I used to.

Then one day, we decided to have lunch at The Podium, and I almost squealed with delight when I saw there's Fino at the 3rd Level, and they are on SALE!!! Needless to say, I dragged my lunch buddies to check the store!

Most of the items are on sale, from 10 to 50% off. I ended up getting 3 items and I love them all! (I got 2 items on our first visit then I had to go back the following day to buy something as a gift but ended up buying an item for me again!)

Here they are!

It should be cardholder only LOL! 

The checkbook holder is a little over 1,000 pesos, net of 50% discount. It's a bit expensive but I really like it - simple and classy. I wish it comes in black though (it's a dark moss green, just in case you can't tell yet, my camera failed to take the accurate shade!) Too bad this is their last stock from their sale items.

I need to clean my camera lens LOL! 

It has a pen holder inside and can hold 2 checkbooks!

Unfortunately, my old checkbook won't fit!

Quite a bit of an upgrade from my bank-issued check holder haha.

Next! The awesome cardholder. I hesitated getting this though since I'm not really a fan of these croc-finish-thingie. I don't hate it, but I don't like it either. I don't know what prompted me to get this (maybe the price? haha) but I'm glad I did! This is on sale too at Php247.50 each.

It's a swivel type holder with one screw to hold all the cards together. Pretty cool huh!

When I bought it, I didn't know that my friend has one already. I just found out when we got back to the office. I'm amazed at how durable the product is, I have to borrow hers and take a comparison pic!

mine's on the left, hers to the right

Would you believe if I tell you she has that holder for 5 years already? Amazing right!?

Here's the cardholder inside my wallet:

And here's a matching coin purse I got (same price with the cardholder), at first I thought I can place some calling cards inside but it won't fit =(

I wish Fino goes on sale again before Christmas as these items make a great gift! The store provides a nice gift box, card and paper bag for every purchase, just let them know you are buying it as a gift.

Here's a sample (I asked for a box and paper bag for the coin purse above LOL):

Fino Leatherware Branches that I know are at The Podium Mall (Ortigas), Shangri-la, Glorietta, Trinoma and Powerplant Mall. I highly recommend their stuff, afaik, this brand is proudly Filipino (correct me if I'm wrong though!). I regret not getting that hot pink cardholder, maybe next time!

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