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I've been on sick leave since July 22, and most of my days since then are spent inside the CR, sleeping or browsing online or watching TV series. I'm almost out of my wits staying at home for almost 2 weeks with nothing to do!

Last weekend, I've been checking the Nordstrom online sale since Friday and I have my eyes fixed on a 2-tone Michael Kors watch, marked down from $225 to $149.90.

I like 2-toned watches or any piece of jewelry because I find them easier to use. This watch will be nice to pair with my silver 60-inch chain necklace (not from Taubes, I found a cheaper version!):

Can't get a nice picture sorry!
I like this necklace so much I'm thinking of getting the rose gold chain! It will match with the watch above too! What do you think?

seller's stock photo

I'm not really into watches, I only have one which I bought in impulse during a one-day sale at our cooperative store, a black Rudy Project watch with gold details. 

I don't feel like using this watch whenever I wear the necklace above or if I'm wearing my white gold sideways cross necklace:

partly covered, oops!

Not to mention I have a silver chain for my company ID as seen in the photo above. So yeah, I know the Michael Kors watch is a good buy but because of the price I can't make myself to click the checkout button. Fortunately for me, P, saw me looking at this watch, THRICE -  Friday, Saturday and Sunday. By Sunday he knows I'm not going to pay for that watch even if I want to, so he offered to buy it for me! Of course I had to turn pakipot and say, don't bother but deep inside, I was glad he said that! 

Knowing I don't have to pay for the watch anymore, I kept on browsing, just because I want to maximize the shipping cost! (Like a true-blue shopaholic who doesn't run out of excuses to shop more LOL). 

I saw this bottle under NARS and I know I need this one, you know how my knees turn to jelly whenever I see purple nail polishes (and blue. and green):

This is Koh Lanta, a Nordstrom exclusive polish from NARS. Unfortunately, they don't have this anymore. What was left on the website is the Matto Groso, another Nordstrom exclusive, which I don't like.

I stopped browsing Nordstrom for a while and blog hopped and saw Karlasugar's swatch of Dior Blue Denim. Turned out it's another Nordstrom exclusive nail polish and it's a no brainer, I know I have to get it! 

retails for $21

Then I remembered I don't have Chanel Peridot yet so I got one too. After all Mel was raving about it on twitter and she told me it's a must have.

retails for $25

At this point, I'm ready to checkout. I have my watch on the cart and 2 nail polishes, my running total is already $195.90.

But Nordstrom has other plan for me. The message beside my total says, you are now $4.10 away from free shipping. And shipping cost for the 3 items is $8 (I am shipping to a US address by the way).


So yeah, I added one more item to my cart just so I can meet the minimum required amount to enjoy free shipping. Doesn't matter if the additional item costs more than 5 times the amount I needed to add! 

Dior Tuxedo

Well, if you think about it, I got this polish FOR LESS. This retails for $22 (why is it $1 more expensive than the exclusive shade?), less the $8 I saved for shipping, bringing the net amount to $14 only! See!!!! Commendable shopping skills!

Ha ha ha!

At this point, I was already not feeling well and was too weak and lazy to stand up and get my wallet for my credit card details. Fell asleep and woke up late the following day, Monday! 

And the Nordstrom sale is up to Sunday only! All that thinking and self debating, for nothing. Until I remembered we're hours ahead of them! We're running late for our doctor's appointment at that time but I told P I'm still waiting for my tummy to settle before we leave, so I went inside the bedroom, turned on my laptop and went online and said I'm just double checking the doctor's schedule, well, I didn't have to say I have another tab opened for Nordstrom checkout page right? LOL. 

So yeah, now I can't wait for my items to arrived! 


This post made me realized I have a wicked sense of prioritizing things to buy. It doesn't take me days to decide to buy a polish, it only takes a good swatch online, a twitter rave, and a free shipping reminder. Despite the fact that I already have hundreds of bottles of polishes, more than half of them still unused. Whereas I only have one watch. And to be honest with myself, I kinda regret buying it coz it's really not something I like, I just bought it coz it was 40% off at that time, costs me less than Php2,500. Madness! When will this end?!


If you're following me on Twitter, you probably know I got confined last Monday night, my doctor just want to make sure my tummy problem is not colon related so she scheduled me for colonoscopy. The procedure was done in 15 to 20 minutes (I was sedated) but I have to be prepared for the procedure for almost 2 days - fasting, blood tests, enema and laxatives (as if the laxative I took are not enough!), yeah TMI sorry! I got discharged from the hospital last night, nothing's wrong except for my diet and sedentary lifestyle. LOL. I was advised to rest till next week but if I feel I'm strong enough by tomorrow, I might go back to work.  But today, I'm just gonna rest. That enema sucked the life out of me! 

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