Supersale Bazaar!

Digital Traincase will be at the Supersale Bazaar tomorrow till Sunday!

Can you see our logo?!

Present the flyer at the entrance and get 20% off entrance fee!!! If you don't know where to get it, please feel free to print the above pic!

Or, get in for FREE by:

  • Presenting a Xend waybill from anytime in March
  • bring a supersale eco friendly bag from a previous bazaar

There will be Sunday mass at the side of the grove at 3pm so you won't have to miss mass when you go shopping! Shop for a cause as proceeds of ticket sales go to the I Can Serve foundation

The Grove by Rockwell is situated just after the bridge from Libis--left side. It's across Tiendesitas along C5 Road.

We're near the entrance at the premium section (airconditioned area). Hope to see you all there!

What am I reading now...

Yes, I know I said I hate this book/series, but I'm taking it back! We can always changed our minds right? If anyone of you decides to read this series, I'm warning you that the first three chapters may be boring. Take note of the word "may" =)

I'm almost finished with this one, I stopped on the part where someone close to Zoey died =(

Another reason I love this series is that they used Nyx as the vampyre's goddess (and yes they spell vampyres in the books with a "y" not an "i"). Maybe the author is a big fan of Greek mythology since Nyx in Greek mythology is the goddess of the night.

And why I love that they use Nyx in the series? Well, it's not a secret that I sell NYX cosmetics! As I said, Nyx in the book is the goddess of the night. Take a look at the packaging of NYX cosmetics' megashine lipgloss.

There's a crescent moon too!!! See, I have an affinity too! An affinity* to all things silly hahaha!

On another note, Pampam strikes again!

P's slippers from Payless 

*affinity in the book means a special gift/goddess given gifts

Guessing game!

No prize though, just for fun!

Can you guess what brand/shades are this?

this is easy, right?!

NOTE: Digital Traincase is at the Rockwell Bazaar tomorrow till Sunday. Bazaar opens on 11:00 am tomorrow till 9pm while  on Saturday and Sunday it's 10am to 9pm.

Hope to see you all there!

PS: Something came up (work related) so I will be at the bazaar late afternoon, (won't be around during the opening). Thank goodness P is super supportive, he'll set up and man the booth all by himself till I arrive. Yey for super P! Haha!

I finally gave in!

GHD, I told you, someday you will be mine.

GHD Professional Hair Styler

And that someday is just a few days away!

$225.00   $205.00 + 20% off coupon code sitewide sale: SPRING

please click to enlarge

I initially wanted the classic one which retails for $185 but after discounts, the price difference between the classic and the professional styler went down to around $16.

GHD Classic Styler

From the reviews, not much difference between the two. Some said that the classic styler has just ceramic plates whereas the professional has aluminum plated ceramic plates which protects the hair and produces more shine. Some reviewers mentioned too that the professional is slightly lighter than the classic and that it (professional) has the newest heat technology. Whatever new technology it is, I really don't care, I was sold when I read that it's lighter! With my hair volume, the weight of the flat iron really matters!

Shipped mine via Johnny Air Cargo's shop online service, payment options include credit cards and paypal, as much as I want to use paypal to protect my card, I wasn't able to use it since the default country is Philippines (shipping charge straight here is around $22+). I just hope that the https: thingie works LOL!

Don't know how much will it cost me at Johnny Air but I'm guessing around Php900 to Php1,200 (crossing my fingers!). A bit higher compared when I ship it directly here but at least I don't have to deal with customs and their ridiculous tax computations!

Actually, the original plan is to ship this to a friend who's currently in US. But she needs to receive it by March 15, however, the site says:

Since I already got a good deal from, paying extra for the shipping cost is fine with me (but of course I'd be happier if I didn't have to pay for it haha).

This flat iron has been on my wishlist for over two years now. I tweeted about my lemming yesterday and this morning, I had a chat with a close friend and found out that she has the GHD classic styler (which she got for around Php10,000 at Dubai where she works). I was quite surprised coz she's not as "kikay"/vain as I am and yet she has this iron!!! She convinced me to get one coz it's really nice daw. A gentle nudge is all what I needed, she didn't have to convince me too hard haha. 

And now the waiting game should be here before month end, earlier if everything goes well! 

PS: GHD means Good Hair Day, I just found out yesterday haha. If you want to know more about this flat iron, a lot of reviews are available in youtube, and sephora. Also, please buy at the authorized retailers only, there are a lot of fakes around. Beware on buying at, they're not an authorized retailer so the warranty doesn't apply for units bought through amazon. 

Going wild with Wet 'n Wild!

Thanks to the sweet Hedley for introducing me to Wet 'n Wild. She sent me some stuff (without any reason!) sometime last year including lots of WnW polishes. I think, she sent me more than 10 bottles (although some were not included in the picture below).

I wan't to kick my butt for not using them sooner! Especially that one on the middle, first row! 

The shade is Eggplant Frost, is a deep iridiscent purple polish, it's a duochrome with blue flash, just like that of Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie. I have Scrangie, will try to show them to you side by side some other time although knowing me, don't count on it hahaha. 

For the meantime, I'll post their separate pics here, hope you see the similarity I'm talking about. 

crappy pic of RBL Scrangie
WnW Eggplant Frost (with flash)
Two coats and you'll have this dark pretty purple on your nails! Not sure if it's just me, but you will need a good top coat for this to prevent chipping. It doesn't bother me a lot though just because I've gotten use to it. No matter how expensive a polish is, it doesn't last more than 2 days on me, some even chipped the same day (Essie and Zoya)! Maybe because I use my fingers a lot and I use my nails when typing =)

Also, please note that this particular line of polish by WnW has a long and narrow brush, which might be a turn off to some of you. Speaking for myself, I'd rather have that than the fat/wide brush of OPI. 

indoor, without flash

(with flash)

Even my friend who prefers reds and pinks on her nails fell in love with this shade. Who wouldn't be, right?

She even asked me to buy one for her. Unfortunately, when I visited the two WnW counters at Megamall, they don't have it on stock (which is why I ended up buying those Elianto polishes). 

I just saw one shade there in this packaging. As explained by the saleslady (at the Watson's store in Mega B), it's been a while since they have this on stock, they only received the round ones (at the first pic above, which is more expensive at P199 each). Calling Sprint Asia! ^_^

Two more pics!
(with flash)

(with flash)

Nice noh?! Hope they'll restock this shade soon! 

Quick facts:
Price: 99 per bottle
Brand availability: SM Department Stores (Makati, Manila, Fairview, Las PiƱas, Megamall B)
and Watson's Personal Care Store Mall of Asia and Megamall  (near Forever21)

NOTD: Orly It's a Rocket Science

If I had to name one polish that can be described as ugly pretty or pretty ugly or whatever, it's this!

Orly It's Not Rocket Science

It's because not everyone can appreciate the beauty of this polish. If you love green, most likely, you'll love this too. I like how my nails blend with the trees/grass in the background!

To others though, this might look like a baby's "devlin" (borrowing Jen Aniston's kids' term from the movie Just Go With It, if you haven't seen the movie yet, what are you waiting for?).

Look how sparkly it is! 

The formula is somewhat watery but application is not a problem, I needed three coats to achieve opacity although some can get away with two.

Jelly-like mirror finish is very evident in this last picture!

Looking for a dupe? Check out China Glaze Zombie Zest from their Halloween collection or Sparitual Optical Illusion. 

Love it or hate it? Let me know! 

Elianto's on sale!

And I think I'm the last one to know!

Elianto Sparkling Diva Nail Polishes
These are regularly priced at Php199 each but I got them at Php69 per bottle at Watson's in Megamall. I bought some duplicates coz I was planning to give them to my friends this weekend since we're set to meet at Enchanted Kingdom last Saturday. Glad that I was able to get Elianto Racing Green coz I really love that one, I already have it on my stash for sometime now, used it once but wasn't able to blog about it. 

the regular line
I also got two regular polishes, Blue Splash and Neon Purple, also at Php69 each. The one in the middle, was given for free. Well, not free but I paid Php1 for that. 

Are they phasing out Elianto? I asked the saleslady if she has some more colors but that's all they have (plus some orange and neutral polishes I'm not so crazy about). I mumbled about dropping by to their Galleria stall (where I got my Racing Green, Sky Blue and Turquoise - love this three!) but she was quick to reply they already pulled out there. Checked out some of their stuff - tools and makeups and most of them are at 50% off. What's happening?!


House of Night Series + Eternal

Borrowed these books from our book club (at the office) last week, I was actually excited when I brought them home since I ran out of stuff to read. I don't know, but I love reading more than watching. Between a good movie and a good book, I prefer the latter.

The last book I read was "I am Number Four", and I love it! I managed to read it for 4 or 5 nights. As much as I want to read it in one sitting, I can't since I need to go to work. 

I watched the movie version right after reading the book, it's nice but as expected, I love the book more.

Anyway, I started with "Marked", and I'm quite disappointed. I actually had to forced myself to finish 'till Chapter 3. I'm not liking it so far. I'm irritated with Zoey (the main character). Anyone who already read this series? Is it good? Should I continue? 

NOTD: Orly Galaxy Girl

While organizing my files last night, I saw some of my unposted swatches. Including:

Yes, another old (unposted) swatch! Took photos of these swatches as soon as I got my hands on them. But didn't post it online then coz I found out that the close up shots are horrible (messy, gritty, ugly!). I planned on re-swatching them, but of course, it didn't happen!

Since I spent time and effort in swatching this polish, might as well post some of the pics rather than let them all sit in my hard drive, right? As I've said, only the macro shots are not presentable just because I was too lazy to clean up the sides.

Promise, I will not post those horrible close up shots.

taken outside
Good thing, you can still see its beauty even from afar.

with flash
It has a dupe from MAC's Venomous Villain collection, Formidable, which I have and still waiting to be used. This dupe, unfortunaltely, is harder to find, and not to mention, more expensive.

MAC Formidable

Can't recall if the formula is nice though. The pics are that old although I remember how stubborn those micro glitters are when you try to remove the polish on your nails.

I believe the Orly Cosmic FX collection is already available at our local counter, at their regular price (I was told). Lucky you! Because I got mine from the US when they're selling at $10 a bottle! 

Edit: The collection was launched last December 2010 and is already sold out (Orly counters) but they have some more stocks available at the recently opened Purebeauty at Serendra at Fort Bonifacio. 

If you love dark polishes, this is a must buy, along with the other shades in this collection.

On another note, I just found out (thanks Mindy), that Zachary Levi, yes, Chuck Bartowski, sings well . Been listening to him (and Katharine Mcphee) for two days in a row! Can't stop talking about Chuck -- to P, to my officemates, to my facebook friends, and now, to this blog haha. I even changed my Ipod's wallpaper from P's picture to Chuck!

Can you see him here?

love their tandem! 
Obsess much! Chuck fans, you have to listen to this!

I've yet to find a vid clip of his duet with Mandy Moore at the Oscar's yesterday, can you help me?

Just go with it

It was a date night for me and P, my turn to pick what to watch. Liam Neeson's Unknown vs Adam Sandler/Jen Anniston's Just go with it.

It's obvious from the title of this entry what I chose hehe.

As much as I love Liam Neeson from his movie Taken (go watch it), it's been a while since we watched a rom-com at the big screen plus I just watched The Switch two weeks ago and I was so disappointed! I've been secretly wishing to see Jennifer Aniston in a nice movie and I think this is it!

The storyline is a bit lame but still managed to entertain the audience, everyone at the cinema was laughing most of the time!
In the movie, a plastic surgeon, romancing a much younger schoolteacher, enlists his loyal assistant to be his soon to be ex-wife, in order to cover up a careless lie. When more lies backfire, the assistant's kids become involved, and everyone heads off to a weekend in Hawaii that will change all their lives. 

What I love about the movie --- it's light, it's hilarious, it's unrealistic! The fun begins with a lie, and as the movie goes, that lie goes more and more outrageous!

The jokes - maybe a hit or miss to some, especially those which involved the kids. Like how Danny (Adam Sandler) pushed the kids after their pretend game in the bedroom or how he dropped Maggie to the mud. This movie talks a lot about poop too. Don't say I didn't warn you!

I love the actress who played Devlin here, Katherine's (Jen Aniston) long life rival. I won't mention who she is so as not to spoil you but I'm surprised to see her in a comedy role! And she can dance huh!

I super adore the kids who played Jen's children!!!

Especially 11-year old Bailey Madison, who played the daughter with a fake Brit accent.

We're laughing 90% of the movie, we love it. Even the golf-photoshoot-session, it's hilarious!

I also love Jen's clothes here, especially her "transformation dress"

An offwhite dress (compliments her tan skin) paired with a strappy nude heels (which elongates her leg more) and a Ferragamo (Croc Fiammetta) bag. Yes, I love it so much I did a little research!

from the Spring/Summer 2010 Collection, around US$10,000

And her coverup, same thing she's wearing on the poster above:

I just don't like her gray/silver dress (can't find a pic) that she wore at the dinner with Devlin, good thing they changed into a grass skirt with matching coconut bras for their dance off, another favorite scene!

If you loved Adam Sandler's movies in the past, you'll love this, same formula, same Adam Sandler. If you're Jen Aniston's fan, this is much much better than her movies in the past.

Overall, I love the movie, call me shallow or what, but I left the cinema still laughing with P while we're talking about some scenes.

If you decide to watch this, remember - manage your expectations, take the movie for what it is and just go with it! 


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