MAC Surf Baby Collection - Nail Polish

is here!

Went to MAC Shangrila the other day to pick up MAC Ocean Dip which I've reserved weeks ago. The testers are not yet on display last Tuesday (Quite Cute is still there), but they are on the table near the mirror.

Camphone pic! 

As expected, I played with the testers. Correct me if I'm wrong please but I didn't see any blush. Just bronzers and powders which when I tried looked muddy and dirty on my face. Too bad coz I really like the packaging!

While waiting for Aira (Carlos wasn't there yet, I was told he spent the long weekend in Camiguin, buti pa sya!), I swatched the nude polish included in the collection just because I was bored. And I got the surprise of my life (exaj!), I think I just found a nude polish which I like! Needless to say, I brought it home with me.

Swatches without flash:

With flash:

I love the subtle shimmer

Hangin' Loose is for keep, especially if you're an NC40 like me! 

The second polish in the collection, I immediately reserved after seeing it on a blog. 

Ocean Dip is described as a midtone creamy aqua. Question, is aqua, a blue or a green? At first I thought it was blue like this, but I searched for aqua's pantone and it shows something like this.

In my pics above, it has more blue than green, but in my nails, it's more green than blue.  Either way, I love this polish!

And oh, if you're following me on twitter, you may have read that lately, I am into buying gift wrappers! Honestly, I don't even know where will I use them, I just have this urge to buy cute wrappers that I see haha. 

While uploading the swatches above, I realized the gift wrap I bought this afternoon is a bit similar to the design in the polish bottle. 

It looks like a gumamela, right? 

And speaking of gift wrap, I want to have a room like this:

Do you know a gift wrapping class near Ortigas? I saw one in San Juan but it falls on a work day, I prefer weekends so I don't have to miss work.

I really want to learn how. Sounds silly right? But I don't know, I am into gift wrapping lately! Let me know ok?! Thanks!

PS. MAC Trinoma and MAC MOA/Marrionaud don't have the Surf Baby collection yet, if you want something from this collection and they're already sold out in Shangrila, Makati and Rockwell, you may try your luck there. Not sure if MAC Duty Free has this collection. 

Swatches of the NEW NYX Round Lipsticks

can be found here.

Yeah, I asked someone to do the swatches since I don't have a model-esque lips! I am pretty sure I won't be able to give them justice if I were to worn them and crop and show you my lips haha.

Preview pic:

To view all the shades, click here.

To order, click here.

As I've said in our Facebook page earlier, "The best way to drive away the gloom of a rainy day is a lipstick swatchfest!"

I can stare the whole day at those swatches wishing and hoping that If I use the same lipsticks, my lips will look like hers haha.

The Nail Files: a must watch for polish addicts!

Posting this while trying to finish a report haha, so I will just leave you the link for the details! 

Nubar or NFUs?

Someday, somehow, I will have my own nail spa. But for now, I'll just watch and learn from this show =)

Details here

And another shameless plug! Digital Traincase will be at the Summer Solstice Bazaar! Hope to see you all there! Too bad my OPI Black shatter stocks are delayed and won't make it tomorrow =(

Our booth is near the exit =)

And if you don't know yet, we have an ongoing facebook giveaway here.
EDIT: contest ends June 5, announcement of winner on June 10


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