Cult Nails: Let's Get Nekkid Collection

Just want to share my swatches of this collection. The 4 shades in this collection are inspired by the skintone of the people in Maria's family tree. Read all about it here. I like what she did with the whole collection, she put a twist to nude/neutral shades by adding gold shimmer. I am really not a fan of nude shades, I get bored. But with the presence of this gold shimmer, the colors look interesting enough for me.

The polishes are named after the top nude beaches in the world (according to the World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resort).

Tulum Beach, Mexico
Baker Beach, San Francisco
Mazo Beach, Winsonsin
Swanbourne Beach, Australia

Please excuse the dry/flaky skin, I used Tony Moly polish remover for the first time and this is what happened. Should have use my trusty Zoya Remove+.

This is Baker. Golden caramel tan with gold shimmer. My favorite out of the 5 colors.

Tulum. Reminds me of the nail polish trend in 2011, taupe.

Mazo (almost the same with Baker, but lighter and sheerer).

Swanbourne. Dark chocolate brown.

Toxic Seaweed, a limited edition. Has the same component of Unicorn Puke (discontinued). Really not a fan of glitter polishes but this is limited edition so I know I need to get one too or I'll regret the same way I didn't get Unicorn Puke. I believe Unicorn Puke put Cult Nails to the map of the nail polish community.

Love the colors, love the formula. I just wish Maria creates a new logo. Not crazy about the font used in the bottle. I just like to use Scriptina for the capital letters and use less curvy fonts at the other letters. :p

Where to buy: www.digitaltraincase.com
Cost: 450/bottle

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