Swatches: A England The Legend Collection

It's been a while! I miss swatching, I miss blogging! So I'm gonna revive my comatose blog with a heart pumping collection from A-England, The Legend!

Words are not enough to describe just how awesome these polishes are! The truth is, I've never stopped buying polishes, just this, blogging and swatching. But none of those polishes made me want to go back to blogging, to posting pictures of my unkempt nails, uneven application and dry cuticles (haha). Until The Legend.

Been counting down the days since I ordered these from Adina (ordered them the same time I started to take pre-orders here, and the day our mailman gave the package to me (we have someone from the company who claims the packages address to staff of our company, they are kind enough to include unofficial parcels/personal packages), I immediately ripped off the carefully packed bottles of polishes, and took some teaser pics and proudly showed it to my office mate (she ended up ordering the whole set for herself, that's how amazing this collection is!)

So here they are, I won't even try describing the colors, just because I was never good at it. Let's leave it to Scrangie, and our very own, Pam of I don't want to receive an email from Adina, correcting me that this shade so and so is not like that, it's like this. Of course, deep in my heart I know, the very sweet Adina will not do that but still, let's just leave the color description to the experts, alright?!

Here's Dragon, a bit lighter compared to the swatches I've seen online.

And this is Princess Sabra, I searched via google the words Princess Sabra, since I'm curious why this shade was named after her. Then I saw the dress, and maybe that's it.

Princess Tears, not something I will pick first but still nice, I just don't think it fit's my darker skin tone. But basing on the pictures below, I think I can wear this, what do you think?

And here's Ascalon, a silver holo. Would love to wear this if I'm wearing an all black clothes.

The only non-holo polish from this collection, Order of the Garter. I almost did not order this, what a shame would it be! Thought it's something like OPI's Swimsuit Nailed It, which unfortunately, didn't look good on me. This one reminds me of China Glaze Blue Sparrow, although much much better than that, formula and color wise.

ooops for the pinky finger LOL
I've always had difficulty applying darker polishes because any imperfections can be easily seen (well all my swatches so far are applied hastily since I swatched them around 3:00 am in the morning! excuses, excuses haha). Anyway, here's Bridal Veil (Adina, why is it black, veils are usually white right? Just curious haha)

Saving the best for last! You can always tell which is my favorite just by the number of pictures I post for that particular shade. Doesn't matter if they look all the same. I just want to see them again and again and again. Meet Saint George, the Knight in Shining Armor of this collection. 

All swatches are made without base coat and top coat. They really have a shiny finish on their own. A bit expensive than our regular imported polish, but is worth every single drop! If you want to know The Legend - err, the story itself, I love how Fashion Police did it (I love all her swatches!), check her blog here, you'll see how awesome and talented Adina is for creating this collection. 

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